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The SSMEDC initiates Canada Start-up Visa to attract foreign traders

Posted On: 09-Feb-2019
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The SSMEDC initiates Canada Start-up Visa to attract foreign traders

The Sault Ste. Marie becomes the first community in Northern Ontario to offer Federal Start-up Visa to foreign entrepreneurs interesting in setting up business with high-growth prospects. The Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation (SSMED) initiated this opportunity and had been working for several months to get certified under the government’s Canada start-up visa program. Having received the green signal from the authoritative body, started offering the provision in the community.

According to Dan Hollingsworth, the Executive Director of SSMEDC, this initiative will attract more foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs to initiate their Start-up in the city. The staffs of SSMEDC will provide all possible support to entrepreneurs migrate to Canada under the Canada Start-up visa program. This, in turn, creates more job opportunities for the people of Sault Ste. Marie.

Presently the Start-up Visa program is being operated from the Millwork-Centre for Entrepreneurship. The program is presently being delivered locally with a facility located in a Machine shop that houses all the staffs, services and programs and a small incubator for business. The foreign entrepreneur can directly apply to the SSMED and if they are selected within the business incubator, they receive a letter promising support from the SSMED. He/She can then apply for Canada immigrate and start operating locally from the Millwork-Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The SSMEDC has collaborated with the National Angel Capital Organization, a non-profit organization that helps the government by designating groups and incubator centers to deliver the federal programs across Canada. This has helped SSMED to secure their ventures related to the Canada Start-Up visa program.

The Acting Manager of the Millwork-Centre for Entrepreneurship for SSMEDC, Harleen Puaar has expressed his sincere thanks to the National Angel Capital and the IRCC for supporting their endeavors of bringing the Canada Start-up visa program to the community. This initiative undoubtedly opens more opportunities for the entrepreneur to grow their business in Canada. The young Indians with great Start-up ideas will definitely explore the opportunities to set up business and settle in Canada.

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