The technology sector of British Columbia faces a shortage of skilled workforce- says British Columbia Tech Association

Posted on October 18, 2016

The Tech Association of British Columbia has released a statement that the province’s rapidly growing technology sector is now into talent crisis. This crisis is eventually hindering the sector’s growth and to put a halt to this, the employers are depending upon talent from foreign countries to bridge the skills gap. Bill Tam, the president and the CEO of the BC’s technology association said, “It is the burning issue for most tech companies in the province. The thing that fuels growth in companies, especially in tech, is the human capital.”

According to the statistics, B.C’s tech sector currently employs over 92,700, with best offers, much higher than that of the mining, oil-gas and forest industries of the province yet the scarcity of the skilled workforce keeps many positions vacant.

With that, the Association has asked the B.C government to invest over $100 million in post-secondary education institutions in the next 3 years, so that the current youth of B.C get prepared to fill in the skills gap in the coming future.

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