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To Attract Tech Professionals, Hong Kong Eases Its Immigration Policy

Posted On: 05-Sep-2018
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To Attract Tech Professionals, Hong Kong Eases Its Immigration Policy

To boost its economy, Hong Kong is keen on attracting professionals from eleven different areas, which includes experts in distributed ledger technologies.

On 28th August this year, the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions has released city’s 1st ever “talent list” intended to attract professionals, both foreign as well as domestic from eleven distinguished areas, to migrate to Hong Kong. This list seems to be crucial for the nation’s economic development.

As per the talent list, the government of Hong Kong needs a variety of workers, they include

  • Experienced marine Insurance professionals
  • Waste treatment specialists
  • Innovation and technology experts
  • Experts in data engineering
  • Biometrics experts
  • Experts in artificial intelligence
  • Robotics experts
  • Distributed ledger technologies

Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, the chief secretary for administration and chair of the Human Resources Planning Commission stated Hong Kong welcomes talents from different parts of the world having the knowledge, valuable skills and experience to work here and settle in Hong Kong.

As per the announcement on a regular basis, the list would be updated to keep up with the changing economy of Hong Kong and its need for specific talents.

During the last several decades, the Hong Kong Immigration policies have shifted. The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) was implemented by Hong Kong in the year June 2006.

Under this policy if anyone desires to get employed in Hong Kong, they must either pass an achievement test, which rewards those holding noteworthy professional awards as well as distinctions or general assessment test, which assigns individual points depending on varied factors such as level of schooling completed, age and time spent working in their chosen field.

In most cases, the applicants should accumulate a minimum of 80 points and should have obtained an offer of employment so that they can secure a regular work visa. While individuals in the profession on the talent list should still score a minimum 80 points, they would receive bonus points. Moreover, they would not require an offer of employment to receive a visa.

The Scheme has a quota of 1,000 people and individuals from Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, North Korea or Nepal cannot apply for this scheme.

This might be the 1st time Hong Kong officials have released a talent list and to further develop its economy, it is not the 1st time the city has looked towards blockchain technology. As early as July 2017, Hong Kong’s Monetary Authority officials were discussing the role blockchain technology could play in the city’s FinTech scene.

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