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To overcome Labor Shortage, Quebec City Mayor Calls for Immigration Increase

Posted On: 03-Sep-2018
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To overcome Labor Shortage, Quebec City Mayor Calls for Immigration Increase

Quebec City Mayor, Regis Labeaume, recently released list of annual priorities, in that he has stated there exists an urgent need to fill about 17,000 job vacancies in the region.

He further added, there is no time for observations or good intentions or studies as this dramatic lack of manpower would pose a dangerous problem and can jeopardize our economic future. This city is receiving around only 6% of newcomers whereas the number should be minimum 10%.

Annually, this would translate to around 5,300 newcomers or an increase of nearing to 2,000 over current levels.

He stated, future government of Quebec would also require to improve the province’s immigration system in order to reduce the processing time of the application and generally make the process of immigration easier, recognizing foreign professional experience and degrees.

The mayor further emphasized, there is a high demand for immigrants, who can speak French. He also brought to notice a significant point, people living in the above city, speak French as their first language.

Labeaume told journalists, Quebec is a French city and two paths to succeed in immigration, one to get a job and other to speak the local language. We can offer jobs if candidates can speak French, it will be a total success.

The mayor challenged all those now, running for office to reveal as to how many more immigrants, they will be willing to accept if they win the election.

The leader of the ruling Quebec Liberal Party, Philippe Couillard, welcomed Labeaume’s challenge, stating that recent changes that his government has made to the province’s immigration system would help.

The Quebec Mayor said we have offered the tools to better distribute newcomers around the province.

Varied changes were introduced to the Quebec immigration system they include a new Expression of Interest (EOI) system for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

The new system would enable the immigration authorities to select applicants for immigration who match labor market needs in regions around Canada’s French Province.

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