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Top Overseas IT Firms candidates want to work for in 2017

Posted On: 10-Jul-2017
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While countries like Japan, India etc. are enormous in IT talent, they seem to lack the appeal that could attract IT & Engineering students to work within the country.  Universum’s, a global advisory & research firm recently conducted a survey- which proved that most IT & Engineering candidates prefer to work in countries like Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom & United States of America over working in their home country. “The growing presence of multinational [companies] in the last few years has seen them replace domestic ones, among the top choices,” said Daniel Ng, Universum’s head of research for Asia.

For this survey,  149,226 students were selected from 12 nations (with largest GDPs in the world) and were asked to select the countries & overseas firms they are most interested to work for this year. Among the overall top 10 choices, Google and Microsoft badged the top 2 numbers; whereas Apple, IBM and Siemens followed & completed the list of Top 5 Overseas IT firms. Candidates of Engineering & IT (and few of the Business stream) stated that they just can’t wait to work in these companies and marked these companies as their dream employer.  It is for the second year in a row that Google has been a first preference among students who want to work for overseas IT firms. Relating to this context Daniel said, “Companies such as Facebook (FB, Tech30) and Apple (AAPL, Tech30) are perceived as offering a more ‘creative and dynamic work environment’ than their Indian rivals.”

Among the total surveyed students, nearly 29,000 were Indian students. To an amazement, 43% of the total candidates said they want “to have an international career”.

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