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Trump Administration Plans to Make Changes to H-1B Visas

Posted On: 05-Nov-2018
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Trump Administration Plans to Make Changes to H-1B Visas

An aide of Donald Trump has stated that Trump administration intends to get away with the lottery system for H-1B visas.

The White House signaled it is putting efforts to introduce changes to the above visa. It would form part of skills and merit-based legal immigration system.

President Donald Trump’s, Chief Economic Advisor – Larry Kudlow, interacted with the reporters and acknowledged that H-1B visa attracts numerous talented professional and presently the companies have a tough time hiring the above people through H-1B visas.

He further added that US President- Donald Trump has always emphasized our nation’s legal immigration in order to acquire merit and skill-based immigration. Though, these reflect as “just few issues”, these can be terrific with existence. Hence, these have to be resolved by accepting immigration based on skill and merit-based, but not based on family chain.

Trump administration is looking at H-1B and various other classifications of Visas, the major push would for merit and skilled immigration. This might be a very significant change, as the US President is right stating that, “We must have done this, many years ago”.

There would be a broader reform package and changes in H-1B visa will be part of it.

The US President even in the past has proposed to get rid of the lottery system for the diversity visa. Recently, even the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) also called to make changes for H-1B visas, with regards to the lottery system.

Kudlow added, the changes in the above visa does not mean there will be more intakes of H-1B visas. Presently, the US Congress has given a mandate issue of 65,000 H-1B visas annually and an additional 20,000 to individuals who have successfully completed higher education from the US in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields.

He further added, he cannot confirm, whether the number of intakes would increase or decrease, it would form part of the overall package. The president view is to introduce reforms in legal immigration, it must be skill and merit-based.

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