Trump Says -Legal Immigrants Will Soon Get Entry

Posted on October 29, 2018

On Friday, while addressing a huge crowd, for an election rally in the Southeastern region of the United States, Donald Trump, American President said very soon the nation would open doors to legal immigrants. He also stated, he desires to build a strong border.

He also added, if you vote for Democrats in the forthcoming elections, it would be a vote in favour of both, vote for open borders as well as vote for tax increase. If I give freehand to open borders, then I would consider myself a failed politician.

He also justified his decision as to why he has deployed military personnel’s towards the southern border with its neighbouring nation Mexico. He felt, the neighbouring nations are doing nothing but encouraging people from Latin America to come to the United States illegally.

Trump emphasized that he wants immigrants to enter the nation using the legal pathway and they must get entry based on merit.

As per some of the media sources, nearing to 5,000 to 7,000 people from 3 Latin American Nations, they include Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are heading towards the US. Some people belonging to South Asian nations are also among the above crowd.

Trump says, presently there are millions of people waiting in line for long, say around a decade to get a legal entry. They made sure they file the right papers and signed them wherever it is essential and are patiently and proudly waiting in queue expecting their turn would come soon. Trump stated the wait is over; they would quickly get entry to the US.

Trump felt, it is unjust to those, who have been patiently waiting for an extended period to have individuals crossing the border and getting an easy entry to the US, without following the legal pathway.

The US president criticized the Democratic leadership for their open-door policy on immigration. He added, their laws are not doing good and our laws are becoming a laughing stock across the globe because of the Democrats.

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