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UK doctors mostly to be affected by the restrictions on Australia Visa

Posted On: 14-Dec-2016
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As Australia is trying to reduce levels of immigration for foreign doctors. As Australia has a huge population of doctors who migrate from UK, it is more likely that these restrictions will most affect the doctors from the United Kingdom.The most recent data available reveals that over 8000 doctors from UK alone have migrated to Australia in a year and this number is constantly increasing. To restrict this increasing number and encourage opportunities for the country youth of the medical sector, Australia plans to remove a number of medical professions from the approved list of occupations that make foreign nationals eligible for work visas and PR visas– says the ITV news report of Australia.  

In October, UK health secretary Jeremy Hunt, vowed to ‘end the NHS’ dependence on foreign doctors by aiming to increase the number of trained students in medicals schools by 25%. With that, he also stated that, the newly qualified doctors would have to commit to working for the NHS for a minimum of four years following their graduation in medicals within the country. While this news seems a follow-up act of the declaration, an official confirmation on this is still awaited. 

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