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UK ready to impose limitations on Overseas Students- Scottish Universities not in favor of this decision

Posted On: 30-Dec-2016
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The Government of United is all set to impose limitations on welcoming more number of overseas students but Scottish Universities do not want such an imposition. Sources reveal that Scottish Universities fear that if the Government of United Kingdom puts restriction on the entry of international student, these Universities would be facing a huge loss- specifically, it would be like punishing the international export sector.

Statistics show that Scotland Universities have a great part in the international export, being the 12th largest when compared to the contribution of other sectors. Updates coming from the associated authorities state that the Government would be consulting the Universities and shall include a proposal that specifically outline the limits of international students to few Universities (majorly the ones taking students for the first time) and also impose limit on the recruit of students who are already in.
Prof Andrea Nolan- Scotland University convener believes that the UK Government should instead promote higher education than imposing such limitations on students or Universities. These students greatly contribute the the social, economical and cultural development of Scotland. Imposing such limits would increase risks and also make Universities anti-competitive on the global level.

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