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United Kingdom issued 53,863 work visas to Indians in 2016

Posted On: 29-May-2017
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According to the latest recorded numbers of the total number of visas issued in the United Kingdom, the largest number of work visas was issued to Indian nationals. In total, Indians accounted for over 58 per cent of the total nationals who received skilled work visas- having received about 53,863 visas in a total of 93,566. Next to Indians, candidates of the United States received visas in a large number; about 9,255 visas in total. The Office of National Statistics (ONC) says, “The information technology sector sponsored 42 per cent of skilled work visa applications, followed by professional, scientific and technical activities (18 per cent) and financial and insurance activities”.

Moreover, the number of study visa applicants increased and recorded a number of 11,642 enrollments in the entire year, whereas in 2015 it was 11,160 applications in total. On the contrary, the latest figures reflect an overall drop in the net migration figures for the United Kingdom. The latest figures reflect an overall drop in net migration figures for the UK — estimated to be 248,000 in 2016 which registers a fall of 84,000 from 2015. In this context, the UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd said “It’s good that the overall figure has come down now by nearly a quarter in a year. Were determined to make sure that we do continue to reduce the overall net migration number.”

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