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United States is the top preference for Indian students- ICE Report

Posted On: 27-Dec-2016
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While United States of America has always been the country of preference for worldwide students, the latest reports from the US Immigration & Custom Enforcement (ICE) confirm that US has been a continued destination preferred by Indian students in 2016 too. Over 2, 06, 582 students enrolled for education in USA. However, China badges the first number by having over 3, 78,986 of its students practicing their education in US currently.

The report analysis that over 8,697 schools of US have over 1.23 million international students pursuing their education on M (vocational) or F(Academic visas). Within the past year, the STEM courses (related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have experience a student growth of 14%. As per the data, STEM courses are chosen by over 83% of students who move to US for their studies. Among 5,14,000 total international students enrolled for the STEM course, over 4,50,000 represent Indian and Chinese nationality.  According to the report, STEM students choose Universities of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Virginia. Likewise, for business and engineering most students chose New York, Texas and California. Throughout the past 2 years, a good surge in numbers for STEM courses has been registered in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Virginia, whereas the largest number of overseas students for courses such as business & engineering have been streaming towards New York, Texas and California.

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