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US IT sector unfavorable for Indians now- effects of H1B & L1 visa fee hike on Indian Professionals

Posted On: 17-Jan-2017
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This may certainly shatter the dreams of professionals who aspire to enter US through H1B and L1 Visas. The fee structure of these visas has been hiked and more likely to affect Indian professional and companies of USA dependent on Indian talent. While H1B visas have gone up from $2000 to $6000, L1 visas are entitled to a fee of $4500.

According the researches, this initiative has been taken to protect the American jobs for the native crowd. While the fees have been hiked, the eligibility criteria has also undergone certain changes. Earlier, an applicant with a Masters Degree had certain exemptions and was associated to less paper work. But now, no such flexibility remains. Applicants with Master’s Degree also have to go through the same process and the min. Also, the scale of hiring a foreign worker has increased from $60,000 to $100,000- which will eventually make it difficult & expensive for companies to hire talent from India and they may be forced to hire a professional from within the country. While L1 visa may still remain an option for the employers, the salary scale restriction will nowhere benefit the employer.
The proposed bill also highlights that companies with over 50 employees or that which have 50% of their total employees residing on H1B or L1 visas will be barred from hiring. While Indian professionals constitute to be a greater part  (around four hundred thousand) of the US IT sector, this proposed bill seems unfavorable of Indian professionals as well as companies majorly dependent on Indian talent.

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