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US planning for a merit based immigration system- inspired by Canada & Australia

Posted On: 05-Aug-2017
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US planning for a merit based immigration system- inspired by Canada & Australia

On August 2, 2017, two Republic Senators in support of the United States President, at the White House came up with their official proposal of a new immigration system- a merit based system under the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (Raise) Act. The live speech by President Donald Trump & Republican Senators, Tom Cotton & David Perdue throws a light on why they believe America should have an immigration system similar to that of Canada or Australia and how it would benefit the American economy. Taking reference from the source, here a few quick highlights:

  • The respected authorities believe that the United States, since past 50 years is following an unsystematic way of issuing Green Cards (PR status).
  • Many unskilled & low-skilled workers happen to gain US Permanent Residency just on the basis of their job skills or US based relation. This factor is keeping the deserving educated and highly skilled professionals missed out and unable for the PR status.
  • America, now realizes the need to emphasize and give high preference to immigrants who are well qualified, know how to speak good English and can well-contribute to the country’s economic growth.
  • Introduction of a merit-based system, inspired by Canadian & Australian immigration system will put highly skilled workers first for the opportunity of US Green Cards, followed by citizenship.
  • Moreover, through this system, the US Administration will find a way to easily & smoothly cut down the increasing immigration numbers- which are eventually hindering the careers of American citizens and similarly the social welfare of American families. Indirectly, this merit system is an initiative which at a larger level supports Trump’s initiative of putting American jobs for the Americans & putting the Americans first.
  • If the bill approved by Congress will eventually bring in a historic shift in the immigration system of the United States- the most massive shift in the past 50 years.

How this bill, if approved, will benefit the American economy & immigrants?

  • Decrease immigration numbers and retain American jobs for the citizens of America
  • Improve social welfare facilities for the American families
  • Bring in a vast change in the system of managing PR applications & structure
  • Make America bigger at the global economic level by giving opportunities to professionals, highly skilled-talent workers & entrepreneurs
  • Will be a great benefit for immigrants (especially H1-B visa holders) who are currently fighting between the lines
  • Prove a easy pathway for qualified professionals who are keen to become US citizens

It is stated that this proposed bill will be soon submitted to the Congress. It is upon approval, the United States may introduce this merit-based system officially along with its structure, process and related details. However, the time of the approval is still uncertain. Stay tuned to our media section to receive instant updates on this aspect.

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