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US to allow Indians with the Global Entry facility

Posted On: 23-Jul-2016
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Indian citizens who pay frequent visits to the United States of America have now the facility of Global Entry. An initiative by the US Customs and Border Protection, Global Entry allows frequent Indian US visitors with a pre-approved permit. India is one among the nine countries who are a part of the Global Entry Program. As of the news, Indian Government has signed an agreement with the United States so as to lower the travel risks and allow frequent US visitors from India get a clearance upon arrival to the United States of America.

A senior official of the Home Ministry quoted- “Hopefully, by the end of July or first week of August, Indian citizens can apply before a US consulate for entry under the Global Entry.” The government focuses on aiding the Global Entry benefit to industrialists, frequent travelers on business, former government officials, prominent personalities of India, celebrities- summing up to 2,000 Indians in total to avail this benefit. Expectations are that by time, the list may expand.

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