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“We need people to come to Nova Scotia” – New Billboards explaining need of Immigration

Posted On: 07-Sep-2019
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“We need people to come to Nova Scotia” – New Billboards explaining need of Immigration

In response to the “Say No to mass immigration” billboards in Halifax, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Regina; new billboards have been replaced explaining the benefits of immigration and immigration students.

These nine new digital billboards were set with the co-sponsorship by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and EduNova, a provincial association of education and training providers. The city’s chamber of commerce says that, “get the facts and set the record straight.”

The five new messages written on the billboards are:

  • “Immigration grows the economy, jobs and diversity.”
  • “15,000 international students add over $400,000,000 to Nova Scotia’s Economy.”
  • “Nova Scotia is Growing Thanks to Immigration.”
  • “Immigration Brings a World of Experience.”
  • “Immigration … It’s our Strength, It’s our Story.”

Patrick Sullivan, President, and CEO of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce explain to CIC news that, immigration is essential to build the economies of Halifax and Nova Scotia.

He added that “We felt it was important to get the facts out and set the record straight,” In a non-political way, we wanted to inform residents of Halifax and Nova Scotia how important immigration is to our economic story and how important immigration is to our economy.”

With the aging population in Nova Scotia, it becomes difficult to support our business and contribute to the economy, so he urges that immigration is needed to ensure employers in the province have the employees they require for working.

“We need new people to come to Nova Scotia.” “We’re enthusiastic about welcoming them, and we see it as a problem for the economy if they don’t.”

By raising the immigration levels of Nova Scotia, it will be a good step for the province’s government for revitalizing communities and filling persistent labour gaps. The previous year, the province recorded 5,970 new Canada PR visas to Nova Scotia, and the province’s immigration office says even this year can be a bigger one than the previous year.

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