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White House Supports Donald Trump’s Merit Based Immigration Plan- Indians rejoice

Posted On: 08-Feb-2018
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White House Supports Donald Trump’s Merit Based Immigration Plan- Indians rejoice

In support of the recent proposal of merit based system by Donald Trump, the White House urged that the US economy definitely needs a merit based system. This support statement from the White House came immediately the next day after Donald Trump gave a call for it. With such a system I place, the inflow of lowly skilled migrants to US will be curbed. The current system allows existing immigrants to sponsor multiple relatives for PR, irrespective of their skills or talent. From 2005 to 2015, nearly 70% of legal migration was carried on based on family ties with US Visa or Green Card holders. This account for about 9.3 million migrants getting a chance to settle in Canada based on family ties, reported the White House.

Such a system must be replaced with fair inviting system. Chance for immigrants who have talent and skills much be given a chance to settle in the US. The White House also stated that it has been a high time that the immigration policies of the country have been reformed. Trump said in his speech that the merit based system is a need of the hour for the United States.  The White House echoed the same speech in support of his purposeful initiative.

Indian professionals especially supported this merit based initiative.  Hundreds of highly Skilled Indian workers from various places of the United States held a rally in front of the White House, Washington DC companioned with their spouses and children. The aim was common- halt diversity lottery visa and chain migration.

Indian professionals are more to benefit by the introduction of a merit based system. It is believed that given a fair chance, skilled Indian professionals would help America recognize their optimum potential and boost the country’s economy. The reporting authorities stated that in the rally were most Software Engineers, who held banners with support slogans “End Country Limit” “We Need to Support Legal Dreamers” “Cut Green Card Backlog” and so on.

Thousands of Indian professionals who have been waiting in queues for the US PR since years seem to be most delighted by this call. Indian professionals are largely employed in areas that have a shortage of skills excited with the latest Trump migration policy. Researches on Immigration say that US has skills gap majorly in IT, STEM, Medical and Education sectors and professionals of Indian in these sectors have highest scope of migration with the introduction of a merit based system.

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