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Will Canada Express Entry break the ITA record of 2018?

Posted On: 03-Jul-2019
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Will Canada Express Entry break the ITA record of 2018?

Here is the 6 months review of Canada Immigration. In 2018, the Immigration Government of Canada had performed brilliantly in inviting skilled professionals across the world. Since there are high figures set for inviting skilled candidates, it is expected that 2019 will be a good year for many professionals.

Let us now have a brief comparison of the ITA’s issued in the Express Entry.

ITA’s issued in the first half of the year:

There are a number of ITA’s issued in the first half of 2019 than 2018. As per the ITA’s issued during the first half, 2018 recorded 39,700 and 2019 recorded 41,800 ITAs. The New Year has successfully made the 2018’s first half-year record break. With this, it is much clear that 2019 is much ahead and is capable of breaking the annual record.

But, when we compare with the year 2017; the first half of the year recorded 54,507 ITAs. The year is the highest of the three years.

ITA’s issued in the first half of the year
ITA’s issued in the Second Quarter:

The second quarter ITA record of 2019 is lesser than in 2017 and 2018. About 29,855 ITAs were issued in 2017; 22,600 were issued in 2018, and 20,600 were issued in 2019. Totally, 2019 accounts as the seventh most prolific record in terms of ITA counts.

ITA’s issued in the Second Quarter
Second Quarter of 2019 is the Seventh Prolific Record for ITA Numbers:
Top Express Entry Quaters for ITAs issued

2017 records more significant ITA records with 17 individual ITA draws at a smaller average draw size of 3,206. When comparing the quarterly ITA records of 2019, the first two quarters are seen on an average of 3,215 ITAs over 13 draws. In 2018, the average was 3,052 for the same 13 draws.

Average ITAs per Draw - First Half


Invitations issued per draw – First Half

There is a good effect of the extra draws conducted in 2019. These extra four draws which were held two years ago at this point gave 2017 an effective start of 10,000 invitations every year. In the below graph, you can find the consistency of draw size with 10 out of 12 programs seeking 3,350 ITAs issued.

Invitations issued per draw – First Half
Minimum CRS Score per Individual Draw – First Half:

When comparing to the last four years, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for the first quarter was much near closer to 442 and 468; the second quarter was ranging between 413 and 532 for all-program draws.

Minimum CRS Score per Individual Draw – First Half
Average Minimum CRS Score – First Half:

The average minimum CRS score for the first half of 2019 is 454. It is a bit higher than the average minimum CRS scores of 2017 and 2018, i.e., 437 and 444 accordingly. This may be a result of smaller draw sizes and the time lapse between the draws.

Average Minimum CRS Score – First Half
Second Half of 2019 Express Entry System:

In order to break the ITA count of 2018, 2019 has to go ahead with more frequent draws. The draws have to be conducted with less gap, minimum score, and larger draw size. Alongside, the second half of 2019 features a federal election of Canada. The officials have already set a plan for increased immigration in the coming years; hence, we need to watch how it works in multiplying the annual immigration numbers.

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