Immigration to Australia from India – What are the different pathways?

Posted by Admin on February 22, 2019

Immigration to Australia from India – What are the different pathways?

Indians prefer living to move to Australia to study, work or obtain permanent residency status and call it their home. In recent years immigration to Australia from India has increased significantly. Here are some pathways.

Various Pathways for Immigration to Australia:

1.Migrate to Australia as a skilled worker:

You can easily opt for the Australia Skilled worker visa. You can apply for Skilled Independent Visa. This is permanent visa. However, you must ensure that your skill sets match the job requirements mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List or Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List.

The Australian Skilled worker visa can be sub-categorized into Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190), Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) and Regional Sponsored Nominated Scheme visa (subclass 187). In the last two categories, you must be nominated by an Australian employer or a province to work for them.

2. Migrate to Australia on temporary work visa:

Temporary work visa is another way of immigration to Australia from Indiawhere you are allowed to stay and work in the country for 4 years. The two subclasses under this visa are Temporary Work Visa (skilled) or subclass 457 and Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa or subclass 476.

3. Migrate to Australia on student visa:

  • Higher education sector visa subclass 573
  • Post graduate research sector visa subclass 574
  • Training and research visa subclass 402
  • Vocational education and training sector visa subclass 572

These are some of the visas that allow students to study in Australia

4. Migrate to Australia with business visa:

Immigration to Australia from India is easy if you are a businessman willing to invest in business ventures in Australia. You need to choose your visa category right. Business visas under subclass 132, 188/888 allows you to apply for a PR for you and your family.

5. Migrate to Australia as a spouse or relative:

If you have your spouse or relative staying in Australia as a permanent resident, immigration to Australia from India becomes easier for you. You can apply for a visa if they are sponsoring you.

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