Hassle Free Immigration to Canada through Express Entry program

Posted by Sudhakar on February 14, 2019

Hassle Free Immigration to Canada through Express Entry program

The Express Entry is an online system that is used to manage the applications of skilled workers applying for permanent residence through Canada immigration. Skilled work experience always remains the topmost priority for this pathway.

While the work experience surely has a great role to play, other factors like age, education etc. equally matter. Only after fulfilling some of the eligibility criteria and right process, you can get a permanent residence without any hassle. During this process, we have come across several questions people often ask.

How can you apply for Canada Express Entry?

Canada has its own set of rules for letting individuals from foreign countries come in and get a permanent residence through the Express Entry Program. And, in the recent times this program has become one of the important and noteworthy pathways to Canada Immigration.

This system was introduced in the year 2015 to make the process of immigration transparent and help people get a residency in Canada easily. By obtaining the residency, you will not only enjoy a career growth but also help Canadian economy.

The introduction of this new transparent system has brought several changes to the entire scenario of immigration. Using the new system, individuals can get an invitation to apply from the government to make Canada their permanent residence.

In fact, this new system is helping many deserving skilled workers to easily call Canada their next home. It has also been a shortcut for Indian families to become Canadian permanent residents followed by citizens.

Now you may be wondering how this system works? We all are aware that Express Entry is a points based system, where we need to 67 points. Many of us are not aware that there is also a Comprehensive Ranking System Express Entry follows.

After getting the required points, which are primarily scaled depending upon your age, educational qualifications, experience in the work field, linguistics and many other aspects, you need to get CRS points.

The Comprehensive Ranking System points or the CRS points help you determine your raking in the Express Entry pool and chances of quicker visa success. Through this electronic pattern of selection, Citizenship and Immigration Canada picks up high ranking profiles and invites them to apply for permanent residency.

For this entire process, you need to initially choose a Canada Express Entry program and apply for permanent residency visa through the same.


If this overview seems a little confusing to you, then, for your ease, we have breaked down the process of applying for PR visa through Canada Express Entry.

Step by step process for applying in Canada Express Entry Program

  1. You first check your score based on your age, education, work experience, etc. You need to a graduate with 2 years work experience in order to check your score.
  2. Select the visa program. Express Entry manages applications under 4 programs, which we shall discuss in the later segment of this blog.
  3. Gather educational transcripts and related documents. Send your documents for Educational Credential Assessment.
  4. Create your Expression of Interest (first application) on Express Entry portal. Fill all the asked details.
  5. Launch your application in the Express Entry pool. Wait till your application is selected through Express Entry Draw.
  6. Once selected, get an invitation to apply for Canadian government.
  7. In a span of 60 days, get ready with your final PR visa application. Here, you will also need to submit bank statements, permanent residency fees, etc.
  8. Upon approval of the PR application, enjoy. You are now all set to go to Canada.


Do you qualify for Express Entry?

To know whether you qualify for the Express Entry, you need to first check are you able to apply for any of the 4 programs:The applicants must comply with the three streams that are set by the government.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Once determine of the visa option, as yourself these questions

  • Are you below 47 years of age?
  • Are you an graduated from any recognized University?
  • Is your occupation in Canada’s demand list?
  • Do you have good English language skills?

If your answer to all these questions is Yes, then congratulations. You qualify for Express Entry.

All you need now is the right score in points based immigration test.

How many points do you need to immigration to Canada through Express Entry?

Your plan to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident will only be fulfilled if you are able to 67 points in the points based test. depends upon the score that you receive in the Comprehensive Ranking System. This system takes in the values of the applicant age, educational qualification, work experience, and language proficiency. However, the language ability boosts the possibility.

With this, you also need to get valid CRS points. These points will be alloted as follows.

  1.    Points for Core Human Capital Factors: 460
  2.    Points for Accompanying Spouse or Common-Law Partner: 40
  3.    Points for qualifying job offer – 200 points
  4.    Points for provincial nomination – 600.

The total CRS point is 1200. Out of which, the core human factor is 500, then skills transferability is 100, and the additional points is 600.

The best way to immigrate to Canada faster is to either have a job offer a provincial nomination.

Is job offer required for Express Entry?

As we have listed points for job, you may now think job offer is mandatory. In fact, many people give up on their plans to immigration to Canada believing this myth.

Having a job offer is not mandatory to get a Canada PR. But if at all you have a valid job offer then you can get additional benefit in your Express Entry process. In the ranking system, a valid job offer could get you 200 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System, which increases your score and gets you selected faster for permanent resident visa.

In case you do not have a job offer, it is best advised to strive for a higher IELTS score.

What is the minimum IELTS score for Canada Express Entry?

IELTS stands for International English language Testing System. It is one of the widely-known English language proficiency test all around the world. Zillions of individuals take it to enroll for higher education and work in foreign countries.

If you want to get to apply for permanent residency in Canada, then you have to clear the IELTS examinations by satisfying the minimum cutoff in each section.

To clear the IELTS examination, you need to secure a minimum overall score greater than 6.5. Apart from that you also need to secure a minimum of 6 points in each of the modules.

Attempting IELTS till you get the desired score is compulsory. This may be sometimes tough on the pockets, as the IELTS cost is little on the higher side, but the results are worth the expenditure.

How much does it cost for Express Entry to Canada?

There are two types of cost involved in the time of Express Entry to Canada as a permanent residency.

One is variable cost, and the other is a fixed cost for getting a residency. The costs for individual entry are mentioned below:

  1.    IELTS Examination Fee – 1200 INR.
  2.    Educational Credential Assessment – $200.
  3.    PR Fee – $150.
  4.    Medical Fee – 5000 – 9000 INR.
  5.    Primary Applicant Fee – $550.
  6.    Secondary Applicant Fee – $550.
  7.    Children (Under 22 years of age) – $150 Each.

Apart from paying all these fees, you also need to pay for some additional heads like passport cost, immigrant consultant’s consultant fee and many other charge. If the children are older than 22 years of age, then there is some other fee structure.

You also need maintain a certain amount of fund in possession to comply with the norms prescribed by the Canadian Federal government. This is not mandatory for all the programs. While the Express Entry program doesn’t ask you to show the funds in possession, there are some provinces who may ask you to show possessions before nominating you.


Summing up:

When one looks forward to moving to a newer country, then it comes with a great amount of consideration for future growth and prosperity. The Canada Express Entry Program is bridging this gap with its simplified way of operation.

The robust electronic mode of operation has been transparent since its inception and has certainly helped several foreign individuals to apply for permanent residence in Canada. You may get it soon after you apply for permanent residence unless you meet the requirements.

You can also take help of various nominee programs if you want a quicker entry in the country. One more thing, you also need to check funds, documents and your occupational criteria. Getting in touch with our Canada immigration consultant will help you at a large extent.

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