Living and Working in Denmark- a guide for an easy life in Denmark

Posted by Admin on May 5, 2016

Living and Working in Denmark- a guide for an easy life in Denmark

Denmark is one of the most beautiful nations of the European region and has been officially announced as the “World’s Happiest Country”. Researches show that Denmark, besides being a peaceful and beautiful nation, it is also a nation well accepted by millions of immigrants. According to the statistics, counting in immigrants from various countries of the world, Denmark is a home to 5.6 million people today.  If you are planning to be a part of the million crowd of Denmark, this guide will provide you some information that will help you for a prepared immigration.

Before you go to Denmark

When you relocate, it is always better you start the hunt for a job from your home country itself. Study about the Danish Job market, the Positive list and the kind of jobs Denmark is offering for candidates of your profile. Online portals like Job Index and Work in Denmark have greatly helped many candidates find an employment another good option is to depend on a reliable International Job assistance service. This is because these service providers have in-depth knowledge of building your resume according to the Denmark acceptability factors and make your profile easily reach employers in Denmark who are looking for candidates like you.

Obtaining a visa for migrating to Denmark

Depending upon your purpose of immigration, you can obtain your visa for Denmark:

Short-term Visa: Popularly known as the temporary stay visa or visit visa, the short-term visas will allow you a stay of 90 days in Denmark. Also, this visa allows you a travel to any of the 25 countries that constitute to be the Schengen area. The only condition associated this visa is that you are not allowed to work in Denmark on this type of visa. Also, you must leave Denmark prior to the expiry of your visa.

Working Visas: A range of immigration schemes have been designed by the Danish Government. These different schemes aim at providing professionals migrating to Denmark with a temporary work and resident permit for different purposes. The Greensward scheme, the Positive List, the Pay Limit scheme and the corporate scheme are a few as such.

Permanent Residence Visa: To migrants determined of a permanent resident in Denmark, Denmark gives an opportunity to become permanent residents of Denmark by the means of the Danish Green Card Scheme. After having completed a stay of a specific period of time, the Danish High Commission allows an immigrant to become a permanent resident of Denmark, provided that he meets all the eligibility factors set by the Danish immigration government.

Likewise, students can migrate to study in Denmark on student visas and businessmen can establish their business in Denmark by the means of any business visa.

Should you wish to know more information on Denmark immigration, connect to the immigration experts and they shall assist you with every aspect of your immigration process.