Medicals for Canada Immigration- Why & where to get it done

Posted by Writer on March 9, 2018

Medicals for Canada Immigration- Why & where to get it done

When you’re planning to move to Canada either as a long-term immigration or a temporary stay, getting your health assessed by a globally approved authority is mandatory before you receive your permit to go. This is why, with the need of any Canadian visa, you may often hear the requirement of medicals.

But, what are medicals? Why are they actually connected to a visa process? How are they done? Where do go to get medicals done? If these questions are hurting your mind, then sit back and read on. Taking reference from FAQs on medicals for immigration, answered by qualified immigration experts of Canada, we’ve gathered best information believing it to help you get through your medicals for your migration process.

Intention of asking Medicals

The Canadian Government aims to invite immigrants who are neither a political nor a medical threat to the public of Canada. The intention behind medicals as a requirement for immigration is to ensure that any condition of you as an immigrant does not affect the health of the Canadian public, or result to any excessive demand* placed upon Canadian health or social services. In order to prove that you meet the standard health conditions, you need to undergo medical examination; which generally include blood tests, urine tests and X-rays.

[*Excessive demand is a condition when a person is suffering a disease or psychiatric disorder that requires ongoing care or hospitalization. As his requirements may place an excessive demand on the health care system, he may be inadmissible. Also, individuals with developmental delay or congenital disorders who require special education or training to lead an independent life and those who can place a significant financial burden on Canada’s social/health services may be termed medically inadmissible]

Validity of your Medicals

The medical certificate issued to you after you undergo the examination is only valid for a period of one year. In case you have not been issued with a visa within one year of the date of your medical examination, you may need to repeat the exam to obtain new and valid reports.

Conditions related to Medicals

While the concept of medicals is vast, here are key factors that cover various areas and conditions related to getting the medicals done:

  • All information provided to the examiner must be authentic and relevant to the current health condition.
  • Any disturbing health condition or disease must be informed in prior.
  • In several cases, the medicals may be declared rejected/inadmissible. This usually happens if the authorities believe that the applicant is a health risk to the country; after analyzing his/her case and taking into account the complete medical history.
  • In case of pregnant applicants, for the safety of the fetus, X-rays are not recommended. However, after birth, the mother and the infant both must undergo a medical examination.
  • Medical examination can be done by a doctor of your home country or any country of your choice. The only condition here is the selected doctor must be among the Designated Panel Physicians, a list of doctors approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
  • It is equally important to note here that the Panel Physician only issues the medical certificate. The sole decision of medical acceptance remains in the hand of the Canadian immigration authorities. In case the authorities find a problem with your medical exam, they contact you in writing.
  • The results of your medicals will be sent by your Panel Physician. Any significant findings on the Lab reports will be informed.
  • In cases where you already have medical examination done for any type of temporary visa and later want to apply for a permanent residency visa, you need to undergo medicals examination once again to support your PR application.
  • Often candidates prefer to undergo medical examination before application in order to speed up the process. This can be done in several cases of temporary visas but not during permanent residency process.  Canadian authorities send a Request to undergo Medicals, after which only the applicant must go for the medical examination.

Time Taken for Medicals Acceptance process

For Temporary Resident visa (visit/study/work): It generally takes about four week’s time to process your medical exam results.

For Permanent Resident visa: It takes about three months to process your results (calculated from the time the authorities receive the medical results from your Panel Physician)

Medicals for family members

Irrespective of whether your dependent family members are accompanying your migration to Canada or not, they need to undergo medical examination. While medicals are mandatory for accompanying dependents, in several (limited) conditions a non-accompanying dependent may be exempted to undergo a medical examination. However, such non-accompanying dependent will not be eligible for subsequent sponsorship under any of the Family Sponsorship immigration category.

Alike the above-detailed terms related to medicals, there are many aspects that are a must-know when planning to settle in Canada. To get more related information or have an expert talk on the requirements of your process, prior to your sign up,  leave us a message; we’ll connect you to India’s best experts in immigration!

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