Can I Migrate To Australia Without A Job Offer?

Posted by Admin on January 25, 2019

Can I Migrate To Australia Without A Job Offer?

If this is the question bothering you, then here is what to need to know. Though having a job gives you an extra score that increases your chance of getting closer to an Australia PR; but even if you do not have a job offer, you can still migrate to Australia. The Australian government provides different job visas based on the eligibility criteria of the applicant.

What are the eligibility criteria to migrate to Australia?

The Australian Government aims to nominate candidates who are highly educated and have a higher degree of skill. They are eager to welcome candidates who can effectively contribute to their economic growth. So you must prove the desired skill and your qualification to make yourself eligible for the Australia PR.

What are the programs that can help me to migrate to Australia without a job?

Australia State Sponsored/Nominated Visa (Subclass 190 Visa):

The Subclass 190 visa program requires the candidate to be nominated from an Australian state or territory considering him/her eligible to migrate to Australia. He/She must choose a skill from the CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List) and submit an application along with all the required documents to support his/her candidature. The candidate’s skill must be relevant to the ones having high demand in the area of his/her nomination. The candidate has to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) and must score 6 points in IELTS language test. He/She must also score at least 65 at the score point test to secure the permanent residency in Australia. The application takes around 6-12 months to get processed.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189 Visa):

The Skilled Independent Visa Program does not require to you to have a job or sponsorship/ nomination from any Australian state or province. This program evaluates your profile based on the credentials like your age, education, work experience, skills, language proficiency and so on. You have to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) and support your application with a skill assessment certification from a valid entity. You also need to score 6 and above in the IELTS language test and apply within 60 days of getting the Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the immigration authority.

Family Sponsorships:

Family sponsorship is the easiest way to migrate to Australia without any job offer. If you have your spouse, legal partners, siblings, children, parents or any other relatives settled in Australia as a permanent resident or citizen of Australia and can sponsor your permanent residency in the country; then, you needn’t have any job offer with you. However, if you are opting for a permanent residency and want to get employed in the country, you still need to submit an EOI and support your application with all the required documents that can help you bag at least 65 points for your profile.

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