Migrating to Denmark along with family members through the Fast-track Scheme

Posted by Admin on June 2, 2016

Migrating to Denmark along with family members through the  Fast-track Scheme

Isn’t it really wonderful to migrate along with your family to a prosperous nation like Denmark without having to wait for a lengthy processing visa? The Fast-track Scheme of Denmark is the right visa program if you are planning for an immediate migration, along with your family. In simple words, by the means of the Fast-Track visa, a foreign national can arrange to make a legal entry into Denmark and commence an employment in the country, on much quicker and more flexible level, without having to wait for the application to be processed by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. Besides, an applicant can also file for a permanent residence status under the same scheme. The basic elements obtaining a visa under the Fast-track scheme is to meet the eligibility requirement of migration to Denmark hold a valid job offer from a certified employer in Canada and as an employee.

Benefit of applying for a PR under the Fast-track Scheme

The major benefit of the Fast-track scheme Denmark is that it provides foreign nationals a benefit of taking up an employment in Denmark, immediately after they have filed for a Denmark work permit. With this, it would be easy for such candidates to enter Denmark as per their wish and appear at the Danish Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment, give their biometrics and undergo a security and identity check. Meanwhile, they can obtain a temporary work permit and commence their work immediately, though their application for a PR is in process. In case applicants do not wish to start their work right away or who want to wait for their approved PR, they can do so too. The approval process takes about 30 days.

Generally, fast-track permits are valid for a renewable four-year period and do not lapse if the employee works outside Denmark. Short-stay permits are valid for up to three months within a one-year period.

Companies in the fast-track program are subject to periodic checks to make sure they are still following the conditions of certification. The Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment can revoke certification, and any company whose certification is revoked will be banned from fast-track permits for two years.

 Who can apply for this scheme?

A foreign national can apply for a visa under the Fast-Track scheme if he/she has a job offered by a certified company and the job offer meets any one of the following criteria:

  • Employment is agreed upon the conditions of the Pay-Limit scheme
  • Employed as a researcher
  • Purpose of employment is a high level of education stay
  • The employment is associated to a short term stay

If the foreign national has been granted a residence and work permit under the Fast-track scheme, he can also have his family accompanied with him, under specific conditions.

What is the validity of this scheme?

  • A residence and work permit granted for a short stay cannot be extended. Also the three month stay allowance cannot be divided into several stays.
  • A residence permit will expire within 14 days after the end of the employment contract. If it is a short stay the permit will fall void in 3 months if it is not short stay, it cannot be exceeded more than four years.
  • In case the foreign national has been granted a residence and work period on an indefinite employment contract (i.e. an employment contract associated to no expiry), then too the permit will be valid for only four years.

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