New Areas of Training list bring Cheer to Employers and immigrants to Canada

Posted by Admin on August 17, 2018

New Areas of Training list bring Cheer to Employers and immigrants to Canada

Quebec immigration has recently made significant revisions to its Areas of Training list. The above move signifies its continues emphasis on selecting only those applicants who are skilled so that these applicants can help meet present as well as future labor market demand. Meeting labor market needs is vital because only then the nation would be able to build an economy which is prosperous and everyone can benefit out of it.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) points grid consists of ten factors, areas of Training is one of the factors.

The above factor particularly helps in judging the level of training of the candidate in the area; they have applied or desire to apply for a job. The applicant would be awarded maximum 12 points based on the applicant’s, secondary-level vocational, college, and university degree either from an educational institution from Quebec or from other foreign nations.

How this new list is is helpful to the applicants?

The applicants of Quebec immigration with the help of the new list can accurately determine as to how many points they will be awarded under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program areas of Training Sub-category.

The area of Training List

Revised Section A

We find, even in the new list, the number of foreign-issued degrees that offer the applicants 12 points does remain unchanged at 7. The newly revised list focuses on the point that, Quebec aims to build not only bigger but also a diverse pool of immigrants who are skilled with the help of its new expression of interest system.

University Level

  • Information Management(Bachelor)
  • Actuarial Science(Bachelor)

Secondary level Vocational

  • Agricultural Mechanics(Diploma of Vocational Studies/DVS)

Collegial Level Technical

  • Visual Orthosis Techniques(DCS)
  • Restaurant Management(DCS)
  • Early Childhood Education Techniques(Attestation of Collegial Studies/ACS)
  • Early Childhood Education Techniques (Diploma of Collegial Studies/DCS)

DCS in Visual Orthosis Techniques is the only foreign degree, which has been listed even in the previous list and updated list.

Some of the degrees, such as DCS in Pharmaceutical Production Technology, Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Engineering previously listed in Section A, are now listed in Section B.

Under Section C, these degrees can be found, Master’s in Genetics, Radiation Oncology Technology (DCS) and Nuclear Medicine Technology (DCS).

Increase in the Number of university-level foreign degrees considered under Section B

University level

Previously the number was 30, now it has been increased to 46; new additional degrees added to the list include a Bachelor in Preschool Teacher Training, Bachelor in Applied Mathematics, Master’s in Architecture, amongst others.

College level

Under section B, college-level technical training degrees have also been recorded increase from 16 to 27.New degrees found under this section include DCS in Dental Hygiene Techniques, DCS in Aerospace Engineering Technology and either an DCS or ACS in Special Care counseling Techniques, amongst others.

Secondary level Vocational Degrees

We find another significant development, that  has taken place under Section B is, the number of foreign Secondary Level vocational degrees that has been recognized has also grown from 4 to 28.

Additions and Deletions

Previously, numerous foreign degrees that were listed under different section B categories of areas of Training list has either moved to a different section or removed from the list.

If you wish to migrate to Canada and have training in the specified area, get in touch with our immigration consultants to know as to whether your degree is listed in the revised Areas of Training list for Quebec, one of the popular immigration destinations in Canada. We would be glad to assist you.

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