New Australia SOL 2018- all you need to know

Posted by Sudhakar K on February 1, 2018

New Australia SOL 2018- all you need to know

Australia recently announced its fresh occupation list for 2018. This means that any candidates planning to migrate to Australia during 2018 to 2019 must look out for his occupation on the new list. If this list features his occupation, then only he may be eligible to proceed ahead.

Found your job on the occupation list. What next?

Congrats. That’s certainly a news rejoice. Having your occupation in the list is a signal that you have a desk waiting for you in Australia. As the list features most high in demand and severely needed occupant categories, chances of your immigration are high. The approach of the Australian government to create an Australia Skilled Occupation List is to give candidates and the employers a common platform to explore the areas that need supply of skills. Based on this demand and supply relation, Australia government grants skilled visas.

But wait! If you are thinking that by being featured on this list does it all for you, you are then wrong. Having an occupation on the list is the first mere criteria that confirm that you are eligible provided that you meet other immigration factors. One of the most important one is points. Evaluation experts are the best source to know your genuine eligibility and accurate points for Australia immigration. Consult India’s Best Evaluation experts if you want to confirm your chances of success in migrating to Australia.

By next year, your occupation may vanish from the list!

One very crucial aspect of the Skilled Occupation List is that it updated every year. The government analyzes the requirement of each sector and refreshes the list year to year. The occupations that are in demand now may not be in the same demand during the coming year. Moreover, each occupation comes with occupation ceilings. In a case that the ceiling is reached within the same year, the candidate may lose his chance to migrate to Australia. For this reason, experts suggest to not delay in applications. There have been many cases wherein a candidate with a perfect score and all eligibility factors is unable to apply due to occupation ceiling reach or his occupation being removed from the Skilled Occupation List.

What is the significance of occupation ceiling in SOL Australia?

Occupation ceiling is generally associated to Subclass 189 and subclass 190 Visas. This means that the government has a fixed target for the number of occupants that shall be invited under a respective occupational category. Occupational ceilings often play a vital role in a success of Australia skilled visa application. A candidate with less yet eligible ranking may have higher chances for visa if his occupational ceilings are higher. Likewise, if an occupant find that his occupation’s ceiling is soon to reach the limit, there may be often a dilemma of success.

Did Australia add new occupations to SOL in 2018?

In 2017, Australia made a resourceful change to its Skilled Occupation List. The list was divided into two categories:

  1. MTLSSL- list category features all occupations that have a medium and long-term demand in Australia
  2. STSOL- list category features all occupations that have a short-term demand in Australia

Both these lists came up with fresh occupations, among which many were of past year and few were removed. In January 2018, there were several changes experienced by these lists. Firstly, a few occupations were removed from both the lists. Secondly, several occupations were shifted from STSOL to MTLSSL.

Occupations that were freshly added to the list and have a high demand in Australia during 2018 are:

  1. Property Manager***- ANZCO code 612112
  2. Psychotherapist– ANZCO code 272314
  3. Real Estate Representative***- ANZCO code 612115

Check out the latest Australia Skilled Occupation List of Australia 2018 here.

And, the ones that were removed from the SOL 2018

It is sad to note here that Australia removed few of the occupations from its SOL in 2018. Though we are sure that during 2018, occupants of this removed category will be ineligible to apply for PR, we are uncertain whether these occupations may be added to the list next year. The occupations which are no more a part of the Skilled Occupation List 2018 are:

  1. Building Associate- ANZCO code 312112
  2. Hair or Beauty Salon Manager– ANZCO code 142114

How to be prepared for immigration before your occupation ceiling is filled?

Right guidance at the right time will help you stay succeed in Australia Immigration. Approaching qualified experts of Australia immigration will help you know your genuine chances to settle in Australia and the scope of your occupation in the coming days. Kansas Overseas Careers has the best unit assisting thousands of aspirants to migrate to Australia. We analyze profiles and help in evaluation. Through the expertise of our qualified Australia immigration agents, we suggest in right visa selection and provide services for a smooth visa success. Register for our expert counselling here and know your chances of migration before the time runs out for you!

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