New Quebec Immigration Program 2018- Know your eligible factors & points

Posted by Admin on July 27, 2018

New Quebec Immigration Program 2018- Know your eligible factors & points

In July 2018, Quebec made it official that it shall commence a new-points based immigration system (alike Express Entry) from August 2, 2018. With this announcement by Quebec immigration, aspirants of Quebec PR visa were curious to know their chances of applying for their permanent residency under new regulations. “Does it follow the same points structure? Is the process similar to the CRS model? Are factors counted in the pattern as of the Express Entry?” were few questions we received soon after the news was released.

Well, to all the aspirants who have been patient in knowing their eligible chances of Quebec immigration under the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa program, here comes an abundant information.  Taking references from prominent Attorneys like David Cohen, columns of CICnews and the official statements of the MIDI, we come to know that the major factors of selection remain quite similar to the current version of Quebec Skilled Worker Program but with a variation in the points allotment pattern.

Before we move ahead with the points allotment structure, let us first tell you who can be eligible to apply for a Quebec Skilled Worker Visa under the new regulations of 2018.

  • Candidates who are aged above 18 years
  • Must have secondary school education/general diploma and experience of least 6 months (below 6 months experience is also considered qualifying but no points are alloted)
  • Must be able prove financial stability (referred as financial self-sufficiency)

The Points Structure & Allotment Mechanism

The most important factors, which are in fact mandatory for points allotment, are education and financial self-sufficiency. A score of minimum 2 points for education and 1 point for financial sufficiency is compulsory for an application to be taken ahead.

Another thing to note here is, Quebec immigration has clubbed several individual factors with each other and formed two groups. You, as an applicant will be allotted with scores on individual factors first, and after which you are asked to a meet cut-off score under two groups, progressively.

  • Employability Factors: This group covers factors like age, education, work experience, language proficiency, area of training, stay/family in Quebec and valid employment offer. Reaching 43 points for individuals and 52 points for applicants including spouse factors is mandatory.
  • Selection Factors: This group includes all the above 7 Employability factors along with two factors of accompanying children and financial self sufficiency. Single applicants are required to score 50 points while applicants with spouse need 59 points for selection factors.

Employability Group- Points for each factor

Factor Number 1: Education

While the minimum score required for education factor is 2 points, you can claim as high as 14 points for education, depending upon your highest level education. These highest points are generally applicable to candidates with a Doctorate degree.

Factor Number 2: Age

Candidates below 18 years are not allowed to apply for Quebec immigration. While there is no limit on the oldest age, there are no points allotted to candidates who are over 40 years. According to the points calculator of Quebec Immigration, the best age to apply for Quebec immigration is between 18 to 35 years (leading to 16 points as the highest).

Factor Number 3: Area of Training

This is another important factor considered in the process of a Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program. There is list (area of training) of all occupations that are most in demand in Quebec currently and candidates reflecting skills in these occupations are at an added. While the entire list is divided into Sections (Section, A, B, C, D, E, F, G) as per the priority or demand, candidates from Accounting, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Translation, Banking and Financial Operations are known to claim highest points. Maximum 12 points that can be claimed for the area of training factor.

Factor Number 4: Work Experience

Quebec Immigration accepts a work experience of as low as 6 months. However, the more the work experience, the better points you will be able to claim. In this aspect, if you are able to showcase an experience of over 48 months or more, you can claim 8 points as the highest.

Factor Number 5: Language Proficiency

Candidates with proven French proficiency are often given first preference for Quebec Immigration. If you have a (high) proven ability in the French language, you will be able to score 16 points under the language proficiency factor.

When we say this, it does not mean that Quebec does not accept the English language tests. It certainly does accept English Language skills proven through the IELTS (min. requirement CLB 5) and allots 6 points at maximum to candidates with best CLB.

Factor Number 6: Validated Employer Offer

While job offer is never a mandatory requirement in Quebec or Canada immigration, having one from a renowned Canadian employer will help in increasing points. For Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program, a validated job offer from a metropolitan area of Montreal can help in achieving 8 points while a validated job offer from a metropolitan area outside Montreal can help you with 14 points.

Factor Number 7: Stay/Family in Quebec

If you showcase a previous stay in Quebec (for study, vacation or work) you can claim 1-5 points depending upon the purpose of your previous stay. Similarly, if you have a closely related family member (spouse, parents, grandparents or siblings) you can claim 3 points for having a family connection-benefit  in Quebec. 

Selection Group- Points for each factor

Factor Number 1: Self Sufficiency

Proving self-sufficiency (in a form of a contract) gets only 1 point. In order to take an application ahead, this 1 point is mandatory.

Factor Number 2: Accompanying of dependent children

In your Quebec Skilled Worker Visa application, including your dependent children can also be a benefit for you. For each accompanying child (less than 12 years old), you can claim 4 points as maximum whereas for each accompanying child between 13-19 years you get 2 points.

The profit:  If you have a spouse with eligible traits to accompany your immigration, including him/her in your application can get you additional points up to 15-18 points (depending upon their qualifying traits).

Though the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program works on a points based system, the invitations are not merely issued on the highest ranking score. Several other factors like foreign national’s ability to successfully stay or settle in Quebec, such as training or a trade or occupation may also be considered before issuing the visa.

Now that you know what factors are considered in claiming points for a Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program, you may be equally curious to know the selection pattern, aren’t you? Well, for this, we have a detailed process structure coming up in our next blog. Stay tuned to our blog section & in the meantime, read the application pattern summary here.

Another great way to learn more about New Quebec Immigration System 2018 is to connect to our qualified Quebec immigration experts. Leave us a message and we shall arrange a call for you, soon!

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