Planning to Migrate and work in Canada? Here’s what you need to know!

Posted by Admin on August 29, 2018

Planning to Migrate and work in Canada? Here’s what you need to know!

People migrate to other nations for different reasons. One of the major reason is for work purpose. It is a life changing decision, one need to build a new home in a place that has different customs and possibly a different language than what one is accustomed to. If one receives more support during this period, the process would be smoother and also easier.

  1. Important to know, you will not be alone

Around 21.9% of people who live as well as work in Canada were not born in this nation. We find more number of migrants live in urban centers. This nation welcomes new immigrants and celebrates multiculturalism. Toronto has been referred as most multicultural city in the world and more than 200 unique cultural groups reside in the city. Thus, it is important to know, that you will not be alone, there you will find many immigrants.

  1. Job offer not necessary

You need not have a job offer to migrate to Canada, but if you have one, your score in Express Entry gets a boost and your chances of getting invited will be more. One also gets points for their education, age, work experience and knowledge of English or French among varied other things.

  1. Skilled workers can fast track their immigration

For skilled workers, the Express Entry program exist. The above program aims to process new immigrants in six months or less. Before one fills the application for the Express Entry, one must determine whether he/she is eligible under one of the Federal programs for skilled workers. If you qualify, then you can go ahead and complete your profile and pay the relevant fees. When you file an application for Express Entry, it is like taking first step to immigrate to Canada.

Complete your Express Entry profile and be prepared to take the language test.  You must also have your education credentials and experience assessed. After you have completed these steps, your profile would be evaluated and they will be placed into the Express Entry pool of candidates. Entering the Express Entry pool solely does not guarantee you the Canadian permanent residency status. In order to get picked up from the Express Entry pool, your profile has to have good score and best ranking. So to increase the score, one must start looking for jobs either through Job bank or Canada’s official job matching platform.

  1. Take step towards gaining Canadian Citizenship

The First step towards Canadian Citizenship for the new immigrants is obtaining permanent residency. When one becomes a permanent resident, they are entitled to numerous social benefits same as Canadians including provincial healthcare coverage and protection under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom. If you are admitted into Canada under Express Entry Skilled worker program, you would be granted Canada PR automatically.

To become Canadian Citizen, you should have lived in Canada for atleast, 1,095 days of the past 5 years and also pass a language as well as citizenship test.  We find, Canadian citizens tend to gain additional rights that permanent residents do not have, such as  right to vote, apply for governments jobs, run for office, travel on Canadian passport and they will also have a guarantee that they will not lose their status in Canada.

  1. Create Canadian Styled resume

If you are planning to work in Canada, it is crucial, that you must update your resume, so that it matches the regional style. This would help you have the best chance of finding a great job. Your resume must be in reverse chronological order, meaning your newest experience must appear first. The main section must include name and contact information, then professional summary, your education and professional training and work history.  You may also include the skill section, but this is not mandatory.

  1. Be prepared to answer common interview questions

If you are new to the Canadian job market, you might not be familiar with the common interview questions and expectations of the interviewer. If you wish to get selected in the interview, you need to brush up on your interview skills either in English or French. You must also try answering practice questions and get familiar with the job interview process.

  1. Know your worth

Beforehand, you must try to do research about the pay rate for someone in your job, with your level of experience.  You can calculate your worth by comparing with the Canadian equivalent candidate having the same level of work experience and education. In case you are working in an industry that is wage-based, you must be aware of the minimum wage requirements in your province and also ensure you are been paid fairly.

Hope, the above information would help you be prepared as to what you need to do, after getting an invite from the Canadian immigration department. Find out what programs you can apply and migrate to Canada. For more information Ask Our Experts.

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