Professional Pathways To Multiply Your Australian PR Chances

Posted by Admin on October 25, 2018

Professional Pathways To Multiply Your Australian PR Chances

Each year, the government of Australia publishes a list of occupations which are high in demand across the nation. Foreign students who have completed their educational course in the occupational areas, which are published by the Australian government, have higher chances of obtaining PR. However, it has been noticed in numerous cases that the dynamic nature of the list makes it much difficult for foreign students in selecting a particular course which would help them obtain Australian PR.

Hence, check out the below list of 5 educational courses, which would ease in obtaining Permanent Residency status for Australia:

  1. Accountancy: This is one of the fastest-growing occupations in Australia and also, it has been observed that it increased nearly to 500% during the year 2001 to 2014.
  2. Engineering: This nation always has a huge requirement for engineers in varied fields including Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Telecommunication field Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, etc. This reason influences the foreign students in choosing the field and also for improving their chances of getting employed in Australia.
  3. Nursing: Healthcare services are highly considered in Australia. Universities which provide training in nursing in Australia enjoy an international reputation by offering a high-quality range of research, undergraduate courses, postgraduate programs in nursing, health as well as midwifery. All those who pursue nursing have better chances of getting employed.
  4. Computer and Information Technology: Australia’s booming economy caters efficiently to IT professionals who have pursued their graduation or masters from an Australian university or who have excelled in IT profession in another nation. Foreign students who are pursuing IT course in Australia and desiring to settle both permanently as well as temporarily have a high chance of getting visas under either permanent residency or temporary residency.
  5. Teaching and Education: Australia has gained a reputation of being a powerhouse for offering better as well as a higher quality education system. Foreign students can apply for permanent residency after undertaking course in education as well as teaching.

Overseas Student Health cover

All those who desire to study in Australia must make sure that they buy overseas student health cover as the Department of Home Affairs has made it essential for the foreign student. While purchasing, one should compare different policies on varied parameters, depending on individual needs as well as budget, one can select a policy which would be helpful to them.

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