Quebec to start an Express Entry alike points based system

Posted by Admin on May 21, 2018

Quebec to start an Express Entry alike points based system

Quebec, a province that wins hearts is soon coming with an easier immigration system. Indeed to aspirants who prefer Quebec province over any place to settle in Canada but were disheartened of its lengthy immigration system, this is good news!

After years of receiving critics and working on solutions to improve the immigration system, the Government of Quebec has announced a reform to its current immigration system. “The Government of Quebec unveiled plans today for a new Expression of Interest system modelled on the federal Express Entry system. The new Expression of Interest (Déclaration d’intérêt) system will manage candidate profiles for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)”, is a statement that has created excitement in the aspirants of Quebec and the skilled professionals who have been longing to work in Quebec.

What is going to change in Quebec’s immigration system?

Quebec’s immigration system will adapt a points based and a draw system similar to the Express Entry. This means that the first-come first-serve application system will soon vanish and instead, applicants will be required to create an Expression of Interest, submit it to Quebec and wait for their application to be picked during series of draws.  Successful applicants will receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ or Certificat de sélection du Québec) after which they can apply for a Quebec Permanent Residency Status.

How beneficial is this new Quebec immigration system?

With this new system of Quebec in effect, there would be an array of benefits for the applicants.

Number 1: Points Based System with Draw-through selection

The stress and sorrow behind waiting years for an intake period yet application not getting submitted will now end  forever. Having a points based system associated with a draw selection system will be easier for high skilled applicants. Rather than depending upon the matter of time and luck of acceptance, applicants will have a clear idea of why their applications are not being accepted. They will be able to determine the loopholes or factors that bring them less score, based on which they can improve.

Number 2: Justified Selection

Thousands of high-skilled professionals remain disheartened due to non-submission of application while there are many semi-skilled professionals who rejoice success. Isn’t this an unfair way of selection? Certainly! With the points based-draw system, candidates with best score will be able to get a Quebec certificate faster than the ones with low score; contributing to a fair selection system like the Express Entry.

Number 3: Elimination of Waiting Time

Generally, the immigration process of Quebec is associated with a processing time of 25 to 32 months. It means that a person willing to settle in Quebec, with all right parameters has to wait nearly 2 to 3 years just to get his visa! Since the new system operates on draw-based criteria, which may conducted at frequent intervals, we can expect a huge cut-down on the visa processing time and getting things quicker.

Why this change- a predicted view

Quebec’s population, like any other province of Canada is reaching its retirement age. To stabilize its current economy and labor market, the province needs skilled workers from outer nations. Immigration is one of the best sources of doing so. By inviting skilled professionals through immigration, the province will not only have a workforce that is stable but also contributing at a longer run.

To meet the yearly targets of the province workforce requirements, the province may have planned for this quick immigration system. Rather than having skilled workers in the waiting zone for years, the province wants to provide a quicker route for their entry into Quebec.

Another reason that could be predicted with this change is to overcome the drop in the number of Quebec due to lengthy visa process. Many surveys of people who want to settle in Canada reflect that though they prefer to migrate to Quebec, they usually opt out from their decision considering its lengthy visa process. Over the years, critics have also been raised against the immigration system of. Taking into account these factors, the Government of Canada may have taken this beneficial step, we believe.

When is this new system going to commence? 

According to the columns of Immigration Quebec Government Canada website “The new application intake rules for the 2017-2018 Regular Skilled Worker Program will be maintained and extended until August 15, 2018. Consequently, for this Program, the Ministère can receive up to a maximum of 5,000 applications for a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec Selection Certificate) by August 15.” Hence, Quebec immigration experts advice interested candidates to keep their applications ready to experience a quicker visa success under the new Quebec immigration system 2018.

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