Requirements to Sponsor Close Relative in Quebec

Posted by Admin on September 28, 2018

Requirements to Sponsor Close Relative in Quebec

An individual can sponsor a close relative if he/she is a Canadian Citizen or having Canada PR status, living in Quebec and their age should be minimum 18 years and should meet the varied requirements stated by Canada Immigration. It can be observed that sponsorship covers a close relative and where applicable, the accompanying family members.

Sponsored Person (a close relative):

Your close relative to be sponsored must belong to the family class and should meet the specific requirements.

You can sponsor:

  1. Your spouse, de facto spouse or conjugal partners. If below specific requirements are met. They include
  1. You must demonstrate that your spouse, de facto spouse or conjugal partner age is 16 years and above.
  2. An earlier undertaking to sponsor de facto spouse or conjugal partner or spouse has come to an end.
  1. The Dependent child, for that you must meet the below requirement

a. You must demonstrate your financial capacity if your dependent child you are sponsoring has a child of his or her own.

  1. For parents, grandparents and their dependent children
  1. The Individual must have the financial capacity to support the person they wish to sponsor as well as all members of the person’s family, whether or not they are accompanying the sponsored individual.
  1. Brother, sister, niece, nephew, granddaughter, grandson, who is an orphan with no father or mother and are under 18 years of age and are not married or de facto spouse. To qualify as a sponsor.
  1. You should 1st establish that you have the financial capacity to support the child.
  2. You desire to sponsor.
  3. You should undergo a psychological evaluation by the Centre jeunesse in your region to demonstrate that you will be able to support as well as look after the child you desire to sponsor and other requirements are also required to be met.
  1. Child to be adopted
  1. A Quebec resident desiring to adopt a child residing in abroad should 1st obtain authorization from Secretariat a I’ adoption Internationale (SAI) before beginning the adoption process in the child’s origin nation.
The above rules apply for permanent residents who have not attained Canadian Citizenship and to Canadian Citizens and dual citizens, even if the child adopted is a family member. There are varied other requirements which must be met.

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