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Kansas Overseas is an immigration consultant and doesn't deal with work permits or direct jobs.
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Know whether investing into a visa process is right or not for you through our evaluation. Kansas Overseas Careers lets you be sure of your success before you apply.

Evaluation Service is an expert assisted service that is designed to help skilled professionals in knowing their genuine chances of immigration. It is whether an individual or a family, knowing chances of getting a visa before investing the amount in the process is always a safe decision.

Evaluations service

At Kansas Overseas Careers, we have the best and most experienced Evaluation experts of the immigration industry. Through their profound knowledge in the eligibility factors and expertise in calculation of points, you can know your score, eligible parameters, loopholes on profile etc.

Why Our Evaluation Service?

  • It is a mandatory activity before you start process
  • You get to determine your chances of immigration
  • You can whether your profile meets standards of selected country
  • Points and eligibility criteria can be determined
  • You can be stay informed of the financial expenses involved in process
  • You get a detailed structure of the points system, process flow etc.
  • You get a clear idea on family immigration expenses
  • You get to know loopholes and areas of improvement to better scores
  • We don’t use tools, but the expertise of evaluation experts
  • Our Evaluations are trusted and authentic to the fullest
  • We only charge for the service provided from experts

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What’s unique about our evaluation services?

Our evaluation services come in a range, from which you can choose according to your preferences and needs.

  • General Evaluation- Profile is studied and analyzed by the evaluation experts. Report is issued within 3-4 business working days.
  • Priority Evaluation- Get your score in hand within 3-4 business working hrs (additional charges may apply).
  • Multiple Evaluation- Get profile evaluated for various countries. Choose the one with best scope for you.
  • Family Evaluation- Compare between yours and your spouse score. Use the highest point scored profile as primary application.

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