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Kansas Overseas is an immigration consultant and doesn't deal with work permits or direct jobs.
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We are pioneers in visa services. Our expertise covers processing of all types of visas, for famous countries across the globe along with additional support in making your relocation seamless. Here's all what we have to you offer you.

Immigration services


Immigration is a process that one opts for they want to permanently relocate to a foreign country with a desire of a better life and a growing career. Immigration process generally leads the applicant to gain a permanent residency status in the chosen country. This means that when one applies for immigration, the applicant must do so on permanent resident visa. This visa gives him long term stay rights, work rights and many more benefits.

Immigration services

Visit Visa

The world out there is beautiful, so why not explore its beauty? To have a tour or a vacation for any place in the world you wish to, we help you with a timely tourist visa application & documentation service.

Immigration services

Work Visa

Working in international countries can be done by two means- a work permit and a permanent resident visa. While the work permit is a frequently opted element professionals willing to move to a foreign country for the purpose of work, the latter has many benefits for professionals.

Immigration services

Study Visa

Higher education from international universities is recognized globally and given high preference for best career prospects. To gain higher education in top-class international education centers, students need to move abroad on a study visa.

Immigration services


Evaluation Service is an expert assisted service that is designed to help skilled professionals in knowing their genuine chances of immigration. It is whether an individual or a family, knowing genuine chances of getting a visa before investing the amount in the process is always a safe decision. This service is backed by experts of the immigration industry.

Immigration services

Dependent Visa

Often when you have to accompany your spouse or eligible dependents with you for overseas work or for studying abroad, you are required to apply for a separate visa. This is called the dependent visa. Along with your visa process, we ensure that your dependent's visa process is also seamless and done in the quickest possible time.

Immigration services

Concierge Services

Visa process requires a lot of paper formalities. We have agents to do this strenuous task for you. Right from the gathering of documents, notarizing papers or any document procurement activity that you may need in immigration, we cover them all our concierge service package.

Immigration services

After Landing

After landing service is an additional assistance extended by Kansas Overseas Careers to make you feel safe and homelike in the country. We arrange for agents who help you search for accommodation, provide pickup from airport service, assist you in knowing the country and much more.

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