SkillSelect- connecting skilled workers to the Land of Oz

Posted by Admin on February 2, 2017

SkillSelect- connecting skilled workers to the Land of Oz

Want to move to Australia for work? Before you plan out your relocation, it is important to know whether Australia needs you and terms you eligible for work. The SkillSelect is one such source helps skilled workers to know whether they are currently needed by Australia or not.

Introduced by the Australian Government in the year 2012, SkillSelect is a completely online based service program introduced control skilled migration applications and ensure that the immigration is based upon the Australia’s government needs. It also helps the government in managing the applicants who can apply for skilled migration to Australia and the time associated to their application process. The most important role of Skill Select in Australia immigration is that it identifies overseas workers that are mostly in need by the Australian economy. Also it will help detect regional skill shortages. By the means of the SkillSelect, the Australian government will recognize the migrants intending to work and live in the regional areas of Australia, which is a benefit for employers of regional Australia facing shortage of talented professionals.

How SkillSelect Works?

First, skilled workers willing to migrate to Australia need to submit an Expression of Interest. Most people have a misconception that an EOI is a PR visa application. Remember, the EOI is not a PR visa application but a first step towards visa application, representing that you are interested to migrate to Australia and wish to be considered for a skilled visa. Your Expression of Interest generally demands for the following information:

  1. Basic personal information
  2. Details of the occupation you have nominated
  3. Details of your educational qualification
  4. Details of your previous work experience
  5. Details of your English Language proficiency and associated test results
  6.  Details of the skills assessment in context to your nominated occupation
  7. For businessmen, details of experience and investment in the business chosen

Once they submit their Expression of Interest through SkillSelect, they can be found and be nominated for a skilled visa by Australian employers or state and territory governments and be invited by the Australian Government for visa application.

Five important aspects of SkillSelect:

1. An expression of interest (EOI) through the SkillSelect is mandatory for the following visa programs:

2. An expression of Interest through the SkillSelect is not mandatory, yet highly recommended for the following visa programs:

3. If you are interested to register for more than one visa, you do not need to submit multiple Expression of Interest
Be it for one skilled visa or multiple skilled visas, you will have to submit only one Expression of Interest. Applying for multiple visas at one go is always beneficial as it increases your chances of being found by the state or territory government who requires the skills you possess for a specific role.

4. Beware of filing false or misleading information in your Expression of Interest. It will be rejected
The information you provide in your Express of Interest will be used for further proceedings once your EOI is approved. With that, you will also have to confirm your claims and submit evidence with your application. Hence, if you happen to receive your ITA based on the false information you provide during your EOI and during further proceeding verification, it is caught, then your application will be instantly rejected.

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5. SkillSelect has no connection to the number of visas granted in a year
While SkillSelect helps one to know the skill requirement, the target of skilled visas and the number of visas to be issued in a year are predetermined by the Australian government each year in its annual Budget.

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