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South Africa Immigration

About South Africa

South Africa is the 35th largest economy in the world. This nation has been proven a wonderful destination for immigrants. With a strong currency than that of many popular nations worldwide and an evergreen employment, South Africa welcomes thousands of immigrants each year.

There are many sectors that are facing a short of skilled workforce in South Africa. The country believes that immigration could be the right source for bringing new talent. South Africa invites skilled professionals through a temporary entry, gives a chance to showcase their skills and gain permanent residency.

Why South Africa?

South Africa Immigration

The immigration system of South Africa follows a temporary entry pathway to invite and retain skilled workers. Introduced during May- June 2014 by Department of Home Affairs S.A. a Critical Skills Visa is issued to eligible applicants in accordance with Critical Skills List.

This list features all the occupations which have a critical skills shortage and occupants of the featured occupations are given first priority for permanent residency. The initial immigration on this Critical Skills Visa is considered temporary and the candidate has to prove his skills and stable experience gained in the country in order to obtain the South African permanent residency status.

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