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Why South Africa

Why South Africa?

Why South Africa

South Africa, located on the southern end of the African continent, is emerging as the biggest hub for immigrants, workers and students. It is a multicultural country with a healthy lifestyle and large-hearted people. Almost every city of South Africa is affordable for an average earning individual as compare to the big cities in Europe or America with excellent education and healthcare on offer. Therefore, nowadays, people prefer migrating to this country as compared to other western countries.

– Vikas Gupta, Migrated in 2015

  1. South Africa is an amazing choice for immigrants as the country has much to offer not just in terms of living but also for employment aspects. The people are friendly and they embrace immigrants with open arms and hearts. The South Africa immigration process is fairly simple and easy as the Government has set up many centers and training programs to help out people. The weather is also pleasant as it is neither too hot nor too cold and sun shines throughout the year. Let’s hear from some of the people who have settled in South Africa as immigrants after our expert advice:

    Helpful Authorities & Government:

    I had no idea initially that what to do or to whom to ask for help when I landed in South Africa. I was so much confused, to be honest. But then, I was really delighted to see the help that was being provided to the immigrants by the South African government. They were so cordial and cooperative as they helped me in settling down and also letting me know so much about their culture and country through the training programs. I feel fortunate to be in happy space now

    – Davender Soni, Migrated in 2018

  2. here are so many wonderful restaurants in South Africa which offer delicious multi-cuisine dishes. Being an Indian and moreover a vegetarian, I was initially worried about it but then I found out that there are so many food joints in this country that provide vegetarian meal at affordable price. The lifestyle is also good and the people are really lovely. I remember being invited for lunch by my neighbors on the first week of my arrival in South Africa. What a generous gesture, indeed

    – Mainak Das, Migrated in 2017

  3. The South African government invites skilled workers to work in their country in over 53 different categories such as agriculture, architecture, business, economics and management, engineering, health and medical science, information, communication and technology, and life/earth sciences. But, one must possess relevant qualification skills and at least 5 years of experience before applying. The work culture is no different from European nations with 5 days work in a week. The employees cannot work more than 45 hours a week. There are labor unions in South Africa and it is advisable to be part of any union after joining work as union members get paid more than others. Have a look at some of the references of people who went to work in South Africa on our advice:

    Wages & Healthcare

    I went to South Africa 5 years back on a work permit. I teach kids English in rural areas. I am being paid decent sum of money and the work is also not complex. I work from 9 am to 4 pm five days a week. I feel to be in a quiet and happy space. As for the healthcare, it is really awesome. The private hospitals have sublime staff and the cost is also pretty reasonable. I was surprised to see so many people coming for other countries to South Africa for cosmetic surgery

    – Ishita Gupta, Migrated in 2012

  4. I was really relieved to see the slow paced life in South Africa as I had expected it to be a fast paced. And, quite frankly, it has taught me patience. The people are mostly laidback and happy in their own little space. If you are a sports lover, then this country is a heaven for you. On each weekend, we play games like cricket, rugby and soccer. We also often go to the stadium to watch matches. The atmosphere is competitive but not daunting as supporters of opposite team also enjoy with us

    – Saira Aslam, Migrated in 2016

  5. South Africa is a decent choice for students who intend for quality yet affordable education. There are several renowned universities in South Africa that offer an array of courses for international students. The universities, alongside the course, also offer multicultural student communities, good academic facilities, a range of social activities and clubs, and good support systems for international students. The visa process is also not complex and you can acquire a study visa after furnishing the list of asked documents. Below are some of the testimonials of the students who are currently studying in South Africa:

    Life-changing Journey

    I went to South Africa for a photography course two years back. The journey has been amazingly transformational from a carefree kid to a confident man. I won’t deny that there were challenges but they made me a strong person overall and taught me so many things. Also, I made several new friends in the university and got to know about their mindset and culture. In short, it was a life-changing journey and I am grateful that I choose South Africa for this

    – Vikas Gupta, Migrated in 2015

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