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USA Study Visa

USA- F1 Study Visa Program

US Study Visa

The United States of America has been welcoming students since decades with am aim to render best education services. This has also contributed the United States in improving their economic growth. Students who study in the United States are not only regarded over students who have domestic education but also are a first preference to global employment. Hence, by time, the number of students moving to the United States on student visa, for higher study has been tremendously increasing.

The F1 Visa program is a very popular USA program listed under the Study visa programs. Candidates who are wishing to establish their career in the United States at schools, universities, or colleges or English program or any should have an F-1 visa. Also, the visa is needed for courses which are studied more than 18 hours a week.

    • It is issued for candidates who plan to complete their academic program or English language program
    • Candidates with F-1 visa are allowed to work part –time or on-campus employment
    • Students are even benefitted with additional work experience on optional practical training (OPT)
    • Students are intended to complete their studies before the expiration date mentioned on the I-20 form

    • Candidates have to be enrolled in a full time academic or language education program at a certified school or university in the US
    • Candidates need to have good health and moral conduct
    • Need to support their stay by providing sufficient funds
    • Candidate has to justify regarding his journey and return after the completing his study course to the visa officer.

  1. The process of applying for a Student F-1 Visa is of various steps, they are:
    1. Candidates have to first gain an I-20 form from their enrolled college and then pay the SEVIS fee. It is always suggested for a candidate to pay the SEVIS fee before starting the visa application process.
    2. After receiving a receipt stating the payment of the SEVIS fee, candidates are then required to apply for a DS-160 form, which is an online form.
    3. Need of maintaining a printed statement of the application’s confirmation page
    4. Then comes the payment of the visa fee which has to be paid online
    5. In order to finish the biometrics, candidates are required to get a photograph finished with fingerprints scanning
    6. During the personal interview, the candidates are required to answer to the questions asked by the official. The answers should be able to support their visa immigration process.

    • Candidate has to submit the past 3 years (Form 16) Tax returns
    • Need of submitting Bank statements/passbook for the past 3 years
    • Original pay/salary slips and letters of employment
    • A Statement has to produce from certified CA
    • Should be able to have a Scholarship letter
    • Need of submitting the loan approval letter by the bank or the concerned authority

  2. There is no particular time schedule for having an appointment; it varies according to the location, season and visa category. Hence, the candidate has to apply for an F-1 Student Visa as early as possible, in advance of the course

  3. The Fee and Processing Times of the F-1 Student Visa are:
    Application Fee US $200/US %160
    Partner Application Fee US $16
    Dependents Application Fee US $160
    SEVIS Fee US $200 and Above
    Processing Time 2-12 Days

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