The Current Job Scenario for Immigrants in Canada – What’s True & What’s False?

Posted by Admin on November 1, 2019

The Current Job Scenario for Immigrants in Canada – What’s True & What’s False?

When we think of Canada, we either think dollars or jobs. It’s because Canada is one the fastest growing nations with an abundant opportunities for skilled workers. A professional with right skills and good experience is never jobless in Canada.

No matter how many reviews of successful immigrants we read or take inspirations from our friends living in Canada, we often stumble upon 1 question “how’s Canada for me?” We wonder if we’ll be able to find a job there or not. We think over the talks of people who are unable to clear interviews in Canada whether it is actually so difficult!

Well, to help you out here’s everything that’s trending in Canada’s job market in 2019.

  1. Too many Jobs in Canada –Is it true?

Yes! Employment numbers are always rising

There’s rarely any labour market report of Canada that says the number of jobs in the country are declining. In fact, the reports always point towards the fact that jobs are increasing but labour supply is insufficient.

According to the Labour Force Survey by Statistic Canada, the latest job figures in Canada are healthy. In fact, very healthy.

The employment in September rose by 54,000. This resulted in unemployment drop from 0.2% to 5.5%. If we look at the stats by quarterly analysis, overall 111,000 jobs were added. Calculating the figures on an annual basis, employment grew by 456,000 till date.

Jobs in Canada

Expressing delight of the growing employment in Canada, Senior Economist of the Royal Bank of Canada, Nye quotes “There was no give-back after August’s strong jobs numbers as Canada recorded another above-50,000 employment gain in September (the fifth such increase in nine months this year). The labour force is growing at its fastest pace in more than a decade, helping sustain job growth late in the economic cycle.”

2. Immigrants invited because of jobs- Is it true?

Yes! Immigrants are required in millions!

Just because Canada immigration does not demand a job offer it does not mean that it does not have any connection with the Canadian labour market needs. In fact, no country would invite you offering permanent residency benefits until you are a benefit to them. You see, it’s a give and take policy everywhere.           

Canada invites professionals primarily because it has jobs that locals can’t fill. Untrained staff, low birth rate, etc. are few reasons. Moreover, Canada’s current workforce is retiring. It needs new people new talent to take up their positions.

By offering permanent benefits through immigration, the country opens doors of labour market. Skilled candidates can reach these opportunities without dependency on Canadian employers and work for any companies they wish to.

3. Only IT professionals get jobs easily – Is it true?

No! Jobs are available almost in every sector!

Often job portals of Canada highlight jobs related to IT sector. This has created a myth among people that only IT professionals can get a job easily in Canada.

Well, that’s not true at all. Jobs are available in all sectors. Don’t believe us? Check out this image which features top jobs who received ITAs in 2018. Not all of the listed occupations fall under IT.

Jobs are available almost in every sector

The job market of Canada is vast, and so is its discussion. The best way to understand how Canada is for you according to your occupation, your profile and your expected income, consult us.

We don’t advise you based on the immigration scenario but through the real outlook of Canada’s job market. We suggest you opportunities based on your career scope and immigration success, both.

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