Tips To Select a Reliable Immigration Agency in Your City

Posted by Admin on May 2, 2019

Tips To Select a Reliable Immigration Agency in Your City

The best way to ensure that you are successful to migrate to Australia, Canada or any other country of your liking, is working with a reliable immigration agency in your city. Why is it important to work closely with an immigration agency instead of handling your own paperwork and submitting the applications on your own?

No matter how educated you are and how much experience you have gathered in your field, handling the immigration process is entirely different ballgame. For an instance, if you are an engineer with a need to complete tax payments, then you are going to hire a tax consultant instead of doing your taxes on your own. Similarly, it is important that you hire someone who knows the ins and outs of the entire immigration process and help you know the scores, eligibility needs, etc. before migrating.

Why is it important to work with an immigration agency or an immigration consultant?

Different countries have different immigration processes. They have different visa regulations. The working and living conditions are totally different. There are different laws and social norms. There are number of documents needed for various categories, and also the requirements change with every country (although, the basic documents remain the same).

The decision to migrate and settle in a country is definitely a serious decision which impacts one’s rest of life.

There are primarily two reasons why people sometimes avoid hiring an immigration agency:

  1. They think that an immigration agency is very expensive;
  2. They are not aware that there are specialist immigration agencies and immigration consultants to provide expert help in these matters

Yes, although living in a fast generation, it is not so easy for your understand the laws and conditions of immigration even with great degrees and research. There are many things for which we are unaware. Many of them try to process by their own; though the initiation is good, but it isn’t right always.

A cost is definitely involved when you decide to work with an immigration agency, but this cost far outweighs the value that you get and the time that you save, and in fact, even the money that you save in the process.

Even if all the information is available on the Internet and you can visit dedicated portals for immigration help for different countries, there are a lot which are very doubtful. Also, every immigration system changes their methods and requirements regularly. Each website or information on the web may not be updated, but an immigration consultant will always have the latest updates.

An immigration agent works with numerous individuals and families in varying conditions. They successfully make their process simplest as they follow a list of do’s and don’ts. Also, they access to various resources and outlets to speed up the entire process for saving tons of money and time.

Listed below are few reasons, which state importance of working with an immigration consultant or an immigration agency:

  • It can provide you a tailored solution.

Are you going alone? Are you going with your family? Are you looking for a job? If yes, what type of job? Are you seeking permanent residency? Are you even aware that you qualify for permanent residency?

There can be thousands of permutations and combinations for you while migrating to Canada. Also, you don’t even know how the process flows with each combination. For any of the combination, you can find the right service by moving with an immigration agency.

Most importantly, once people work with an immigration agency or an immigration consultant, the relationship lasts for a very long time. People share their experiences and hardship and seek solutions through the immigration agency.

The immigration agencies work with many skilled people belonging to various families. They help and make them find the best solutions to those problems.

You don’t have to go through trial and error because your solutions to the problems will be solved successfully. You just need to know what the solutions are, and this can be achieved through an experienced immigration agency.

  • An immigration agency understands the regional laws, permits and regulations.

No matter how friendly the country is towards immigration, the laws of the country always prefer for protecting their country and people. Hence, they follow a strict analysis on candidate’s profile. It is mandatory for everyone to meet the needs of regional laws, permits and regulations.

Canada has its own set of rules. Australia has its own. So do Dubai, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, UK and every possible country that you want to visit or migrate to.

You can spend months gathering information on these countries by yourself, or you can simply work with an immigration agency that can get you all the needed information within a matter of a couple of hours, and even faster.

When you work with an immigration agency, you don’t need to worry about finding out what to be done; you just need to do what has to be done. Also, on your behalf, most of the paperwork is done by an immigration agency or an immigration consultant.

  • An immigration agency significantly improves your chances of visa approval.

You will be surprised to know that most of the visa applications are rejected not because the applicants are not qualified; there are situations where a candidate is rejected due to incomplete documentation.

No one prefers for submitting fake or incomplete information, but it happens due to insufficient knowledge on the requirements. People commit mistakes because they are not aware that they are committing those mistakes.

Suppose, if you want to migrate to Canada and there is a particular document that is absolutely necessary for your application to be considered. And, you have missed the document unknowingly. Then, what can be the result?

Your visa application is rejected and since you don’t know how these formalities and legalities work, you won’t even know why your application was rejected and when you reapply, you may commit the same mistake again. With this practice, there is no doubt that you will waste years and money.

What happens when working with an immigration consultancy? If you work with an immigration agency, you will have a complete list of things that you need to do to maximize your chances of getting approved.

There will not even be a single document that you’re going to miss because at every step, your dedicated immigration consultant is going through a checklist that needs to be crossed before you even proceed to the next.

Unless there is an unavoidable complication, your visa application is going to be accepted on the first try itself when you proceed through an immigration consultant or an immigration agency.

  • It is in the interest of your immigration agency that you successfully go to the country of your choice.

Your immigration agency wants to make sure that you go to Canada, Australia, USA, England, or wherever you want to go because when you succeed, it improves its portfolio and it gets more business.

If it is unable to send people it will very soon go out of business, and no immigration agency wants to go out of business, especially when there are hundreds of thousands of people wanting to go to different countries.

Hence, once you have signed up the initial contract with your immigration agency, it puts all its available resources to make sure that you get the right support.

Choose the right immigration agency or immigration consultant in your city

Everybody wants a share of pie when a particular profession becomes profitable, and the same is the case with providing immigration services.

Just as there are general immigration consulting agencies and services, there are also many spurious agencies.

Frankly, opening an immigration agency office isn’t very difficult. Just get a room, get a hoarding, print a couple of letterheads and visiting cards, install a phone, a computer or a fax machine, and there you are.

Even if you haven’t yet sent a single individual to a country, people who drop by have no way of finding out whether you are a successful immigration agency, or you are just posing as one.

So, as a person who wants to migrate to another country, how do you choose the right immigration agency or the right immigration consultant in your city without getting duped?

Listed below are a few characteristics that can help you choose the right immigration agency for the purpose of getting your visa:

Seek or find referrals

We live in a highly connected world these days.

By doing a basic search on Google, you can find the listings of immigration agencies and consultants in your city.

A good thing about search engines these days is that they rank websites and links according to the quality information published on these websites and links.

Publishing lots of useful information is a very difficult. Investment-intensive and laborious activity has to be carried out by highly experienced professionals over a lonerg period of time.

This is something that a less professional or an agency that is simply posing as an immigration agency, cannot achieve.

Nonetheless, you can prepare a list of top 5 or top 10 immigration agencies that come up in the search results.

Then search for their names on Google and find out if there are some negative or positive references to these immigration agencies.

Ask your contacts on Facebook or request them to get you connected with people who have used one of these immigration agencies for the purpose of migrating to other countries.

Getting referrals and recommendations from people who have actually used and benefited from particular immigration agencies can be a very big help.

Get referrals from immigration organizations

Countries that are open to immigration, such as Canada, Australia, US, New Zealand and UK, have dedicated organizations to disseminate useful information on how people can successfully migrate to these countries. There are many self-help groups and non-profit organizations also.

These organizations and outlets usually have the lists of authorized and trustworthy immigration agencies in your city and if you contact them, they will readily provide you the list.

Ask for references from the immigration agency itself

A trustworthy immigration agency itself would readily provide you a few names you can contact who will vouch for its work.

Often there are some confidentiality clauses that prevent certain immigration agencies from revealing the details of their clients, but every agency has a list of clients who have no problem talking about their experience and these people will be able to tell you what their experience was with this particular immigration agency.

The only caveat is, it is sometimes difficult to find out whether the people recommended by the agency have genuinely obtained help from the agency or they are simply posing as its previous clients.

Go through the website of your immigration agency

A website is a great way of finding out whether your immigration agency is experienced or not. Every serious immigration agency publishes lots of useful information to not just help their existing clients, but also to draw targeted traffic from different search engines and social media and social networking websites.

As we have mentioned above, these days it is very difficult to rank well on Google and other search engines by publishing duplicate content. Only unique content enjoys higher rankings. If a website is ranking higher for your city, it means it has put in enough effort to publish high-quality content related to immigration, visa and migration to other countries. If an agency is making so much effort, then there is a big chance that it is a genuine immigration agency and it will be able to help you get the desired visa.

Even while you’re checking out the website, the way the agency has organized information and the way it has presented itself digitally, can give you lots of input on how professional the agency is. Most of the unprofessional immigration agencies have very unprofessional-looking websites.

Be cautious of exaggerated claims

If something sounds too good to be true, it may actually be.

There is a difference between an efficient and professional immigration agency. Remember that if an immigration agency is ready to cut corners just to improve its success rate; it is going to cut corners everywhere, even in your case.

A legitimate, professionally-run immigration agency is never going to make exaggerated claims and is going to provide you information as it is.

Even if you don’t qualify, the agency won’t offer you the moon but instead, offer you legitimate solutions that may or may not work.

Compare the fee structure

There is a standard fee that is incurred while submitting applications, documents and visas. However, when you are enjoying the services from immigration consultants, you are even required for paying the consulting fee. So, your total cost will include everything.

Even if you have a nice list of multiple immigration agencies that seem to be genuine, the cost may vary. Here also you will need to use your own discretion.

Many agencies charge for the value they provide. The fee may also depend on the location of the office and the bells and whistles (a few extra services here and there) that come with the job.

Don’t go with the lowest-charging immigration agency just because it is charging you the lowest rate. If you can afford it, it is always recommended that you go for the value and don’t choose your immigration agency merely on the basis of the fee it is charging.

Why choosing the right immigration agency increases your chances of getting your visa approved manifold?

As mentioned above, choosing to go abroad to settle or for employment or for education, is going to be one of the most important decisions of your life. It is going to have a lifelong impact on you and your loved ones.

Remember that problems with your immigration may not manifest until you have reached your destination and often, by that time, it is very late because you have already spent lots of money and time on getting there.

Suppose, you land in Australia or Canada and then you find out that you had applied for the wrong visa and you are unable to get the job according to your qualification and consequently, due to some legal complications, you may have to come back?

The reality is that sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with someone who has access to resources and legal advice. The problem is that many people seek help when they are pressed against the wall and since they are desperate, they end up partnering with the wrong sort of people.

On the other hand, if you chart out a well-defined plan, a qualified immigration agency will be an important part of that plan.

A professional and qualified immigration agency brings transparency, experience, expertise, and above all, reliability. Through every step you will be kept informed. You won’t miss a single document. All your applications will be processed on time. In case you need to respond, you will be able to do so through proper channels, on time. You will know how much money you will be spending and what results you will be getting.

Above all, it’s the peace of mind that you get when you partner with a trustworthy and experienced immigration agency.

Hence, if you’re serious about migrating to another country, then you must also be serious about partnering with an immigration consultant.