United States or Canada- which is best to immigrate in 2017

Posted by Admin on August 7, 2017

United States or Canada- which is best to immigrate in 2017

While Canada been the best bet for the initial quarters of 2017, Trump’s announcement of introducing a merit-based visa system for the United States has now put the immigrant-motivated crowd in dilemma.  Though both the countries have alike opportunities and can be termed as different sides of a same coin, the only factor that sets them apart is the structure of obtaining Permanent residency status. Prospective immigrants who debated on whether to choose Canada or the United States often chose Canada considering its easy points-based system to obtain PR. But, with the recent announcement of a proposal of US merit based visa system to obtain PR (inspired by Canada), the competition’s got tougher.

For aspirants fighting between the lines, here’s a comparison between Canada’s current immigration system & the proposed US merit based points system.

FactorsCanada Points Based Visa System US Points Based Visa System
AimTo encourage youthful, bilingual & high skilled immigrants who could fill in the country’s growing skills gapTo slash down immigrant numbers & give high educated, English speaking & well experienced professionals  the first preference for Green Cards
No. of immigrants target3,00,000 for a year1,20,000 for a year
Required points67/100 points30/100 points
Factors considered age, education, work experience, English/French language skills, job offer, relation in Canada/adaptability etc. are considered under Canada points calculatorage, education, work experience, English skills, job offer, achievements & rewards, etc. are considered under US point calculator
Demand IT Professionals, Engineers, Medical Professionals, Architects, etc.Professionals with expertise & experience into STEM background
CategoriesIncludes Four Categories: Canada FSW- for high skilled workers Canada FSTW- for professionals skilled in trade Canadian EC- for candidates with Canadian work experience Canada PNP- for skilled persons nominated by State  Includes Two Categories: US Tier 1 Visa– category for high-skilled workers US Tier 2 Visa-category for low-skilled workers
Visa Fees $550$500
Family immigrationAllowedAllowed (upon conditions)

If you analyze the structure closely, we find many aspects relevant. Both the countries aim to encourage high-skilled immigration, then what’s the difference? The difference is the approach. While Canada aims to improve immigration facilities & increase it targets each year by making immigration easy & flexible, the United State’s approach to this new merit-based visa system is to curb immigration. The Trump administration believes that the increasing legal immigration of unskilled or low skilled workers is hindering the opportunities for US high skilled workers as well as the high-skilled overseas workers. Hence, an immigration system of US based on merit-system will be a setback to many immigrants will low-skills or less eligibility prerequisites.

On the contrary, it may be a benefit for highly educated Indians working in the Unites States on H1B visas. This system, on approval & implementation will benefit the H1B visa holder struggling to set their firm roots in the United States.

The Associated Pros & Cons of the proposed US merit-based visa system


  • A historic shift United State’s immigration system over past 50 year
  • Smooth pattern of Green Card application
  • Easy pathway for overseas candidates holding US degree or work experience


  • Directly supports the America first initiative
  • Cuts down opportunities for immigrants
  • Families may find it difficult to settle in United States
  • For immigrants, no social or medical benefits would be available for initial 5 yr period

Who can help you to make a right choice?

While we could do our possible best to jot down a brief comparison between the immigration system of the two top immigrant favorite destinations, an expert advice is still recommended.

Kansas Overseas Careers is here to help you in this aspect. We have a team of US immigration consultants in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai & Vizag, who hold knowledge & expertise both in US immigration & Canada immigration. Speak to our experts to get a detailed outlook of which can be and easy-to-go international country for you in 2017.

Important: This is only an analysis of a proposed bill and that nothing mentioned here is implemented. This is merely a prospective look at what future US immigration law may. look like according to the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. It is hard to tell if this bill will pass the same way or with revisions to the proposal.

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