Waiting for a Canadian job offer? Here is what you need to know

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2017

Waiting for a Canadian job offer? Here is what you need to know
Indeed Canada is a nation that bestows its immigrants with abundant employment opportunities and successful careers, but as an aspirant, it is equally important for you to be practical and understand that you will not get your dream job in Canada right away. For getting a job that relates to your profile, the basic and foremost thing you need to have is the knowledge about the aspects and sources that will help your profile reach the Canadian employers. Before you determine what you need to know for a successful Canadian job hunt, we would like you to determine whether a job offer for you is mandatory or not. Do you need a job offer to immigrate to Canada? One of the most common misconceptions associated with Canada immigration is that a job offer is essential for every aspirant of Canada immigration. While a Canadian job offer will aid you quicker and easier means to achieve a permanent residency, it is not mandatory for all immigrants. People falling under the following categories do not require a job offer to migrate to Canada:
  • Self-employed occupations
  • Investors and business owners
  • Professions not entitled to a work permit
  • Certain skilled worker occupations
Things you need to ponder upon for your first job in Canada Your resume is your first impression. Make it the best: The first and foremost aspect that attracts a Canadian job offer is your resume. A resume created as per the Canadian standards calls for higher attention than that of the one which is not. Moreover, a cover letter to your resume indicating your visa status marks your resume qualitative. Ensure the use of keywords, headings, proper formatting in your resume and try keeping it as short as possible (preferably 2 pages). Also, highlight your online presence by writing of you being there on popular business-related social networking sites. Understand the Canadian Labor Market: Every developed and liberal countries have a set of Labor laws and standards laid down and employers abide by the same when looking for foreign candidates. The legislated Labor Standards of Canada highlight the criteria that must be considered by Canadian employers in their conduct with employees. Keeping this fact in mind, it is important for an aspirant to understand certain labor market factors like popular Canadian employers, NOC job descriptions, skill requirement for specific jobs, employment prospects and labor market trends, etc. prior to his Canadian job hunt. Get in touch with a reliable job search service provider: One of the easiest means to have a Canadian job offer in your hand is to go for an immigration firm which, besides offering genuine Canada visa service, offers you a job hunt service as well. Many immigration firms across the country offer Canadian job hunt services as their complementary service. While considering their reliability and quality service, going for such an immigration firm for your Canada immigration shall aid you expeditious results. If you too are looking for Canada Immigration or Canada PR visa service provider contact us for a free consultation today!
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