Want to settle abroad fast & forever? A PR visa is what you need

Posted by Admin on April 15, 2017

Want to settle abroad fast & forever? A PR visa is what you need

Foreign countries fascinate the Indian crowd. Aspects like higher income, innovative companies, growing work opportunities, fancy lifestyle and liberal government are something have been attracting a majority of the youth to settle abroad. According to the recent statistics of the past decade, the International Permanent Residency status which one gains through a PR visa is a reason why thousands of Indians have migrated abroad.

What is a Permanent Resident visa?

A permanent resident visa is an official permit granted to skilled workers to reside in a respective foreign country for an indefinite period of time. Professionals will right skills, experience and qualification are invited to the country for a permanent stay. It may be for a reason of aging population, growing jobs, and lack of talented youth or low birth rates that an international Government may call skilled professionals on a PR visa. Benefits you get to enjoy as a PR visa holder Besides getting an official permit to stay in the country forever, the PR visa holder gets to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Freedom of work- get employment in any sector and for any occupation that meets his skills set
  • Freedom of travel- no restriction on travel within the country and outside until visa validity
  •  Freedom of stay- visa holder can live anywhere in the country
  • Family allowances- family will be allowed to stay in country and get free healthcare & free education
  • Social benefits- Unemployment benefits, pensions etc. can be claimed in some cases
  • Dual Citizenship- PR visa holders can apply for citizenship become international citizens

Which are best countries for PR this year & why?

While there many international countries that offer PR- like New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Germany etc. reviews and statistics recorded from immigrants have made Canada & Australia stand among the best choices for the year 2017. This is because besides having the best benefits for PR these countries have the fastest processing of the Permanent Residency i.e. approx. 6-8 months.

Why Canada in 2017?

The Canada Express Entry System, which is a platform by which PR visas are issued to eligible candidates have improved this year. Applicants under this system are picked up for Canadian permanent residency as per the CRS score they hold during the Draws conducted by Express Entry at regular intervals. In 2017, the requirement of CRS is very low. This means that applicants even with a low CRS are able to apply and get invited for Canada PR visa. As Canada is facing a severe shortage of talented workforce, the number of applications being picked up has increased. During the recent of draws of Canada Express Entry, the highest ever number of ITA have been issued. Moreover, provinces are opening their PNP programs and giving chances to more professionals to apply for a provincial nomination.

Why Australia in 2017?

Australia has a high demand for IT and Engineering professionals this year. For this reason, the applicants of these sectors are being invited to Apply for Australia skilled/PR visas through the SkillSelect System. Plus, Australia lacks youth who have skills and experience that can fit the role. For this reason, it improving the visa facilities and welcoming a larger number of skilled workers through various programs of Australia immigration.

How can one migrate to Canada or Australia from India?

To migrate to Australia or Canada, going by the assistance of immigration consultants is the best option. Many professionals try to file their application by their own, but doing so is risky and also may not lead to a successful application. To make immigration & PR visa processing for aspirants a smoother experience, Kansas Overseas Careers operates through various branches across India. Having processed thousands of Australia & Canada PR visa applications, we are now one of the leading Australia Immigration Consultants in Bangalore and most trusted Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore.

To get complete information on how immigration and visa consultants of Kansas Overseas Careers can help you in PR visa processing, register for a free counseling.

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