Want to study in a foreign country? Study in Denmark!

Posted by Admin on September 8, 2016

Want to study in a foreign country? Study in Denmark!

While it is believed that an international degree or certificate aids huge benefits for those dreaming of an overseas career, often students are found to be in sticky situation when choosing a country for obtaining such degrees. Surveys conducted to know the countries that attract a good number of students have helped us understand that, while the United Kingdom and the United States of America have always been student favorite destinations, today, Denmark nowhere keeps itself behind. The collaboration of innovative technology and advance learning strategies have made education of Denmark reach a level par excellence. Statics show among the major European countries, Denmark is the only country preferred for education and employment by 78 percent of the students worldwide.

What’s so good about studying in Denmark?

High quality of education: By having developed amazing universities giving high-quality education, Denmark is now emerging as a destination well-preferred by students from all over the world. This increasing preference of Denmark among foreign students has eventually made it reach the top numbers of the United Nations Index; making Danish qualification globally recognized. Moreover, the Danish credentials are accepted worldwide. After having completed your education in Denmark, you can migrate to settle in another country without having to worry much about your educational credentials.

Exempt from tuition fee: One of the amazing facts associated to Denmark education is that this nation exempts EU citizens and students migrating to the nation under student exchange program from all types of tuition fees. The government offers scholarships and runs funding programs to immigrant students that helps them manage their education expenses. Moreover, if the student is entitled for any scholarships or has been receiving monthly stipends for his studies in his home country, Denmark allows him to receive the similar benefits from their home country after migrating to Denmark as well.

Free health care services: Once you have enrolled for any Danish education program, the country offers the students a yellow card. This card helps students to avail free health care; starting from a general doctor check up till major treatments, all are covered, for no-cost. However, this health care does not apply for any kind of dental treatments.

Become a permanent resident: A student who is migrating to Denmark and wishes to stay for a longer period or settle there permanently can apply for a Permanent Residency status. However, students who already hold a residency in one of the Nordic countries do not need to apply for a residence permit but must produce an Internordic relocation certificate to the National Registrar (if they stay is for more than three months).

What you need to study in Denmark?

To pursue a course in Denmark, the basic requirement is to be proficient in the English Language. Passing language tests like TOEFL or IETLS is the first step to your successful entry into the country. The further criteria solely depends upon the level of course/degree you are taking up in Denmark. For instance, if you have to pursue Masters in Denmark, you have to hold an internally recognized bachelor’s degree along with evident documents reflecting your TOEFL score. Likewise, if you are planning for Ph.D from Denmark, then an internationally recognized master’s degree becomes your essential requirement (along with language score). With this, you also have to fulfill all the Denmark student visa requirements in order to obtain a study visa for Denmark immigration, planned accommodation and sufficient fund manage your stay.

Where to study in Denmark- top 5 universities of Denmark

Denmark has beautifully constructed university, most of them which are a great combination of historic planning and modern art. While the universities are big and look extravagantly beautiful, the quality of their education is excellent. Five popular universities of Denmark, which are marked among the Top 400 universities under the QS World University Rankings 2015/2016 are:

  1. University of Copenhagen
  2. Technical University of Denmark
  3. University of Southern Denmark
  4. Aarhus University
  5. Aalborg University

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