What NOT do during Visa application- 7 commonly made mistakes

Posted by Admin on January 3, 2017

What NOT do during Visa application- 7 commonly made mistakes

Researches have found that most visa application rejections are a consequence of incomplete and inadequate information provided by applicants provided during visa filing and formalities. How to improve on this?  To find out most of the common mistakes made by applications during visa filing, surveys had been conducted. The information in this article is created taking reference from such surveys so as to help aspirants like to you avoid errors that may hinder your visa process.


  1. Undetermined purpose of immigration leads in wrong visa selection

As there are many types of visas, and each visa serves a different purpose, determining the purpose of immigration is the first step for a right visa selection. For instance, if you want to study in the selected country, a study visa is your requirement. Similarly, if you want to work and live in the selected country, there is again a range of visa options you need to choose determining your stay. Temporary visas give you a work permit while permanent resident visas help you become a permanent resident of the country, enjoy the rights associated and stay in the country for an indefinite period of time (under specific conditions. Hence, plan your immigration first, determine the purpose and select a visa that relates to your aims and profile as well.


  1. Criminal records are often hidden

Being clear and transparent of what you are is an important aspect of visa application. Surveys highlight that hiding criminal records or lying about one’s association in a crime is one of the major mistakes applicants make when applying for a visa. Remember, no matter it was a decade ago that you have been to court for violating rules or committing an offense, you have to disclose it when applying for a visa. No matter how much you try to hide, respective embassies conduct verifications and reject you from entry into the country on having found a criminal record that hasn’t been disclosed. Hence, disclosing a criminal record will always be in your best interest.

  1. Assuming that minute details don’t matter

Think mismatched dates or spelling errors are not a thing to worry during application? You’re wrong. Even such smallest errors will be a cause for your process to come to halt. So, be very careful when filling out forms. Ensure that every question is answered and all aspects are mentioned according to the documents you are submitting for your application process.

  1. Ignoring deadlines of application submission

Often visa applications are subjected to specific deadlines. You need to stay updated about the deadlines to ensure that you carry out the visa formalities and associated paperwork within the time frame. Certainly, missing out the deadline would stretch your process or keep it in queue for the next submission period.

  1. Missing out any document that has to be submitted

When applying for a visa, ensure to gather all your documents first. Starting from letters from previous employers, documents related your identification, educational certificates, legal status of your marriage, etc. keep altogether for avoiding missing of any document during application.

  1. Lack of adequate knowledge about immigration procedure, prerequisites and country rules

Filing for a visa without adequate knowledge about the procedure, eligibility requirements and the country laws usually results in complexities during the process. Avoid visa applications without being familiar about the process. Not just this, but having knowledge about what to do after visa is refused will certainly help you proceed with re-application process.

  1. Filing a visa by your own self

On a wide spectrum applying for a visa on your own is never a good idea as the process can be cumbersome as well as lengthy. Researches say that most applications that have been filed by the applicant itself either remain pending for approval or get rejected. Going by the assistance of an authorized visa company is always a safe way for you to obtain a visa. With getting expert advice on choosing the right visa, visa experts will also help you through every stage of your process. They will guide you on what to do and what not to do for a successful process, assist you in document submission and certain visa companies also provide assistance in establishing your career after you migrate.

Should you wish to know more information on immigration and related aspects, connect to the immigration experts  and they shall assist you with every aspect of your immigration process.