Which places are best for you to work in Canada?

Posted by Admin on November 17, 2016

Which places are best for you to work in Canada? Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver- these three cities are popular for exceptional work opportunities and for that very reason attract thousands of migrants each year. According to the new report by the Conference Board, these cities top-notch destinations to live and work and are a first consideration by candidates willing to live & work in Canada. The board categorized 50 cities and then ranked them based on seven factors- environment, education, economy, housing, society, health, and innovation. Among the list of the 50 cities, these three cities badged the top numbers. Let’s have a look at the different aspects that make these cities best places to work in Canada.

The city of Calgary- the largest city of Alberta

Canada is beautiful because it has a city like Calgary- reviews say. Besides being massively attractive, this largest province of Alberta is recognized as a Canadian leader in the oil and gas industry, a pioneer in economic expansion, a city with a relatively strong job market and is a home to the second-highest number of corporate head offices in Canada. Encouraging the use of innovation in its every sector, Calgary has been marked as the A grade city of Canada, topping both the economy and innovation categories. Moreover, the city has high income, high GDP per capita and a comparably low unemployment rate. While job opportunities in Calgary are always trending in all sectors of Canada, most Canada employment reviews highlight the prominent industries for working in Canada to be technology, aerospace, tourism, retail, manufacturing, financial services, transportation and logistics and health and wellness.

Ottawa- the well-known Government Town

As Ottawa is the capital of Canada with many government buildings around, it is well-known as the Government town. As of the reviews, if you are an experienced IT professional and work in this town, there is no second place you would ever love to work again. As the name Ottawa means to trade, the ever-trending work opportunities the town beholds give it all the meaning.  According to the immigrant reviews, Ottawa is a good place for migrants with all the best facilities. The primary employers of Ottawa are the public services of Canada and the high-technology industries. Most of the companies of Ottawa specialize in telecommunications, software development, and environmental technology. Top notch IT companies like Nortel, Mitel, Corel, Halogen Software, Cognos, JDS Uniphase and Shopify were founded in Ottawa. This factor has marked Ottawa as an important technology center with about 1800 companies having employed about 63,400 people in just one year (2015 Ottawa job statistics). On a wide spectrum, Ottawa has been termed as the second largest employer today as it is a health employer too, having employed about 18000 people. Moreover, the Conference Board has also marked Ottawa as a city with a highly educated government workforce which holds great contribution in seeding the private sector with innovation and creative ideas.

Vancouver- a home of many Canadian companies

A city known for its healthy environment and active community Vancouver, is a home of many Canadian companies too. The Conference Board reports say that this city shines as one of the top cities for immigrants because of the reputation it earned through innovation and education.  Not just this, but Vancouver is considered to be one of the largest industrial centers of Canada. Thanks to the Port Metro Vancouver, which is the largest and most diversified port with more than C$172 billion in trade with over 160 different trading economies. Besides, the city also headquarters a number of forest product and mining companies and lures aspirants with attractive work opportunities in these sectors.  Immigrant reviews of the recent years that the housing expenses were a big reason for migrants to drawback their decisions of choosing this country. Being ranked as the second most unaffordable cities of the world, the city has adopted various strategies of reducing housing costs and have made it a city most preferred by immigrants.

Besides these three cities, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec city and Newfoundland, termed as the manufacturing powerhouses of Canada, are also make up to be great places for work.

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