Why Canada Is The Preferred Destination For Many To Live And Work?

Posted by Admin on October 23, 2018

Why Canada Is The Preferred Destination For Many To Live And Work?

Canada is the preferred destination for many because it offers numerous benefits, hence many people choose to live as well as work in this nation. In recent years, many Indians have received Canada Permanent Resident and made this nation their home.

Find the list of some of the benefits of moving to Canada.

  1. One of the best nation to live: This nation ranks among one of the top ten nations to live and work. It offers a high standard of living, free education, as well as healthcare and the mortality rate, is low.

  1. Easy immigration policy: This nation offers easy as well as flexible immigration especially to skilled workers. If you are skilled immigrants, you can immigrate in less than a year through Canada Express Entry. This nation offers student visa as well as work permit visa, later individuals holding the above visas can apply for permanent residency status. After receiving the PR, next would be Canadian Citizenship. Once you become a Canadian Citizen, you can travel as well as work in Canada at any place or province.
  1. Multicultural nation: This nation is considered to be a multicultural nation, the individuals have the right to carry forward their own language, culture and they can any religion without any obligation.
  1. Safe environment: It is a safe nation when compared to many other nations. This nation is free from terrorism as well as corruption. It offers a peaceful environment. For an immigrant, it is a safe place to live.
  1. Migration rate high: This nation has a high rate of migration because it offers enormous job opportunities.
  1. English language: This nation support English as the major language, only in Quebec province French would provide the immigrants an extra edge, else for other provinces if you have proficiency in English you can connect easily and grab the opportunities in work and also in business.
  1. Close to nature: When compared to other cold nations Canada is different. It shuts down in the winters, people here get highly motivated and enjoy ice games, snowfall and welcome with cheer nation’s cold season.

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