Why IETLS and not TOEFL when migrating to Canada?

Posted by Admin on September 29, 2016

Why IETLS and not TOEFL when migrating to Canada?

English language proficiency is one of the most essential factors to be considered when planning to migrate to Canada. This is because the country’s official language being English, applicants looking to set their roots in the country and contribute to its economic development must be proficient in the language. For the very reason, international language organizations have been set up in the country that would help aspirants prepare for the language assessment as per the international requirements.

If it is just English proficiency test, then why IETLS and not TOEFL, when both are just English language tests?” is a question most clients have asked us during our counselling session. Inspired by this commonly asked question, we would like to bring to you the differences associated to both the language test and why IELTS is preferred for Canada immigration.

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) is a world popular English language service which focuses on imparting knowledge on a range of English accents to students, working in accordance with British Council, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and IDP Education Australia. IELTS is most preferred language test for higher education and global migration.

What is TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an English proficiency language test, developed at the Center for Applied Linguistics at Stanford University. This test is best accepted for US or American provinces.

Differences between IELTS and TOEFL

 Preferances IELTS TOEFL
Acceptability IELTS has been accepted by 145 countries, covering over 9000 institutions. TOEFL has been accepted by 130 countries, covering over 900 9000 institutions.
Types IELTS is divided into two types:

IELTS General and ELTS Academic

TOEFL has only one type, i.e. iBT
Sections Likewise any language exam, IELTS is divided into four sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking. TOEFL is divided into four sections, similarly: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Similar pattern yet significant differences Writing: While writing both US and UK spellings are accepted in the test. Writing: TOEFL being a test governed by a US organization; accepts only US spellings.
Listening: Comparably, IELTS listening section is considered to be difficult than TOEFL. It as it audios with varying accents (Canadian, Australian, British, American, etc.) Listening: TOEFL has audios only in the American accents.
Speaking: IELTS speaking section is a face-to-face test, where the examiner tests your ability by asking you questions and analyzing your answers given directly; similar to an interview. Speaking: TOEFL speaking section requires you to speak into a mike. You have to listen to audio clips and voice your opinions according to the content you listen.
Duration of exam 2 hours 45 minutes 4 hour
Scoring pattern Graded on a band scale of 1-9  (6/6.5 bands and above are accepted by institutions) Graded in a point score system where 120 is the highest (90 points and above are the general eligibility criteria for most institutions)
Cost of test INR 9300 $165 (approx. INR 11000)
Test centers 1000 test centers in 140 countries 4500 test centers in 165 countries
Test dates Offered 48 times a year Offered 50 times a year

With the above differences we come to a conclusion that IELTS is much convenient form of language test on the following grounds:

  • IELTS has been accepted by Canadian immigration government
  • Holds a higher acceptability than TOEFL
  • Covers multiple types of accent teaching- making it easy for one to communicate not only with Canadians but citizens of any other foreign country.
  • As India follows British language system, IELTS is a better option as it covers both US and UK language systems.

Should you wish to know more information on Canadian immigration, connect to the immigration experts and they shall assist you with every aspect of your immigration process.

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