Why IRCC bounces Canada Express Entry applications?

Posted by Admin on January 19, 2017

Why IRCC bounces Canada Express Entry applications?

In January 2015, Canada introduced an immigration system- the Canada Express Entry system, through which immigrants from various nations are being invited to Canada for a permanent stay, under various programs and at an immensely faster pace.  The procedure by which the Express Entry works is simple and reviews have claimed it to be today’s express source o settle in Canada. To commence the process initially, an expression of Interest is submitted which states all the details of the applicant showing his interest to apply for Canada PR. Once the application is evaluated and analyzed by IRCC, the application is accepted for further process.

Unfortunately, not all applications get approved. In certain cases, IRCC may bounce the application and reject the applications too. As of the Express Entry Year-End 2015 report, about 22,178 applications were received under the Express Entry during the entire year. About 14,058 applications were accepted while IRCC refused to accept 2,433 applications. While the report does not specify the number of applications bounced due to incompleteness, we can estimate mathematically that about 5,687 applications may have been bounced. As of the reports, a total of 25.6 percent of applications submitted through Express Entry have been rejected by IRCC due to incompleteness. To help aspirants like you with a faster visa success, researchers have found the following reasons why IRCC rejects applications or applications get bounced:

Incomplete Profile: The incompleteness in the MyCIC account of the applicants has been found to be a major reason of bouncing applications. IRCC often requires that applicants provide all the required information within a span of 30 days. Often missing of this deadline results to an incompletion of the profile, not meeting the requirements of the application and resulting to bounce of application.

Wrong documents: Applicants cannot view the Express Entry portal. This means that they cannot view the file they have uploaded once. Mismatched files or wrong document uploading often results to the bounce of their application. Hence, the best practice is to create a separate folder of the document to be submitted, name it appropriately and then upload it accordingly.

PCC Matters: Another evident reason researches show is any kind of problems related to PCC also result in the bounce of applications. As per the policy, an applicant must obtain a certificate from the country authorities he has stayed for more than six months (since he has turned 18). As the time frame is limited to 60 days, sometimes it becomes difficult for applicants to collect a police certification within the time frame and this marks their applications incomplete and ultimately is bounced by IRCC.

Rules Changes: Unawareness of the change in the rule is also a reason for many bounced applications. As of the previous rule applicants who live in a country for more than six consecutive months were demanded a PCC before commencing the PR process. IRCC has now changed the requirements that applicants have to produce PCC from every place they have lived for six months or more. This means that if the candidate has lived in a country for two months, traveled to another country and returned and stayed for more than 4 months, then he must provide PCC issued from the respective country he has lived overall for 6 months. Not providing multiple police clearance certifications also results in applications been bounced by IRCC.

The best way to minimize the risk of application bounce or rejection is to take the assistance of immigration consultants or visa experts when filing your application for Canada Permanent Residency.  As they have hands on experience in visa filing and best knowledge about immigration procedures and rule changes, your application will be filed safely and accurately.

Should you wish to seek any further information about Canada immigration, leave us a message here and our Canada Visa expert will get in touch with you soon.

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