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Did you know that Canada is also called The Immigrant’s Capital City?

Being a home to millions of citizens from various countries, today Canada is no less than a piece of heaven on earth. Among the many renowned destinations of the world, Canada is usually the first preference of every prospective aspirant because of its amazing immigration factors:

  1. First country to determine a foreign nationals entry eligibility through point based system
  2. Offers great choices of immigration programs for the students, employed and businessmen
  3. Allows foreign nationals to become permanent resident and further obtain a Canadian citizenship too
  4. Canadian passport holders are often allowed to visit any country without a visa
  5. Welcomes talented foreign professionals to fill the employment gap and boost the economy
Canada Immigration

Ever wondered why people are so fascinated about living in Australia?

A 2014 sociological study concluded that "Australia is most receptive to immigration among western nations”. While the scenic beauty of Australia has always been its charm, the growing work opportunities Australia are indeed no less than a magnetic element, having attracted a population of 7 million immigrants today. Happy immigrants of Australia say:

  1. Has high quality of life and affordable cost of living- there is no destination as good as Australia
  2. For seven years in a row, Australia has been ranked in the Global Top Five on the Index of Economic Freedom- making it best for business and employment
  3. Unemployment rates are very low- students and professionals, both can find work easily
Australia Immigration

Why be a visitor of Hong-Kong when the country calls you to settle permanently?

Over the years, Hong Kong has been much popular for its skyline and deep natural harbor. Being one among the world’s most visited countries with exceptional tourist attractions, Hong Kong today, has the most competitive economy and has been termed as one of the most significant financial centers of the world. Establishing yourself permanently in Hong Kong is now easy, as:

  1. Hong Kong is inviting eligible professionals to become a permanent resident
  2. Finding an affordable accommodation in Hong Kong is always easy
  3. Employment opportunities are ever-trending, especially in the tourist and real estate industry
  4. Social able population- always happy to help and assist the newbies
Hong Kong Immigration

The United Kingdom is so much talked about. Do you know why?

Be it for education or employment, settling in an economically wealthy country like the United Kingdom is now easy. Through surveys, it has been found that flexibilities associated with the immigration policies and a variety of visa programs to serve various purposes are well-known factors that contribute to the increasing number of immigrants in the United Kingdom today.

  1. Leading trading power and a growing financial center, UK badges the third place among the world’s richest countries
  2. Nation with a mixture of cosmopolitan cities and country-side village
  3. Bestows non-UK nationals with beneficial social security
UK Immigration

Why Kansas Overseas Careers ?

Kansas Overseas Careers is the bridge to your dream destination.

Kansas Overseas Careers is a quality service certified immigration consultancy, rendering genuine and reliable visa processing services, to the most renowned destinations across the globe. Our mission is to provide honest, competent and result oriented immigration service through effective consultation and visa processing. Our vast experience in the migration world and a unique stratagem to bring about positive visa processing empower the success we have achieved over the years.

Quality Certified

Quality Certified

Our ISO 9001-2008 certification represents our high priority to customer satisfaction



Our efficient help-desk and different contact channels make it very easy for our clients to connect to us.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

We focus on our client's needs and take a "Yes we can" approach to every process case.



Our honest & authentic agreement speaks of our commitment to providing transparent services.


Timely and Affordable

Adhering to the principle of punctuality, we process visas within the promised timescale; at a reasonably good cost.

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

We have our operation centers spread all over the country, so that you can reach out to us at any of your nearest location

The visa success rate of Kansas Overseas Careers keeps growing by each month. Wondering how?

No magic wands, no hidden tricks and no secret handshakes- just a team of IMMIGRATION EXPERTS dedicated to each case & work their experienced hands till success.

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